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There is very little formal scientific study concerning CBC. We only offer a limited selection of CBC tablets.

We can only offer CBC to customers who already understand its correct use. You should not choose CBC tablets unless your knowledge of the product is such that you have come to your own determination that CBC is right for you.

  • 33 mg CBC Tablets
  • With natural terpenes
  • Bio Enhanced

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30 Capsules

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Non GMO CBD 100% Pure CBD 100% Natural CBD

100% Percent Gluten Free CBD Lab Tested CBD

Farm Bill Compliant

Setting Benchmarks for CBD Potency
More Effective Than Any Other CBD Product

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What is CBC?

CBC has always been present in broad-spectrum CBD formulations, but it is only recently that CBC has been isolated and made generally available as a stand-alone product. There is limited research to indicate CBC’s specific qualities.

Despite the lack of research, CBC is currently in high demand. The current demand for CBC is most likely due to its popularity from users who have independently determined CBC’s qualities and therapies during personal use.

Are CBC Pills right for you?

We only recommend that CBC pills be used at the specific direction of a qualified and licensed medical professional. Limited quantities are available.

Product Details CBC Tablets

2 oz bottle/container with screw cap top and safety seal.
Bottle contains 30 tablets
Each tablet contains 33mg of CBC

Active Ingredients

33mg CBC per tablet
Natural terpenes


This product does not contain THC Delta 9.

Recommended Directions for CBC Tablets

Consult a licensed medical professional before using CBC


Keep the bottle cap firmly secure. Store at room temperature or in the refrigerator. It can be carried in a pocket or your purse.

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FluxxLab™ also provides you with different ways to take CBC, including tinctures and vape. Call Customer Service (970) 919-1223 or check the website for more details.

Results that Outperform any Other CBD You’ve Tried

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  1. Chelsea

    The best CBC pills I have tried. You can feel it in about 30min and it has a full body relaxing effect that is amazing after a long day at work. Can’t wait to try the combination with delta 8 that I just ordered!!!!

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