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Top Shelf, and unlike anything you have ever experienced before, we offer you a “Budder Like no Udder.”

Beautifully sticky, potent and pure. This amazing Live CBDA Budder also includes naturally-occurring hemp terpenes for a full entourage effect. Proudly crafted by our own hemp experts we guarantee that you will judge our Budder to be extraordinary. This budder contains only hemp extracts, nothing else. We’ve aimed for and achieved purity with No THC in the blend, not that you need it here. Fluxxlab has your back too with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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1 Gram THC-free CBDA Budder

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Non GMO CBD 100% Pure CBD 100% Natural CBD

100% Percent Gluten Free CBD Lab Tested CBD

Farm Bill Compliant

Setting Benchmarks for CBD Potency
More Effective Than Any Other CBD Product

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FluxxLab™ CBDA Budder

Guaranteed to blow you away! This ultra-pure Live CBDA Budder is highly concentrated with a quiet, subtle hemp aroma. It is the richest and most potent CBD that you will ever experience. Wonderfully sticky, potent and pure, this Budder is completely THC Free. Satisfaction always guaranteed.

What is CBDA live budder?

Live CBDA Budder is a form of CBD concentrate that has a soft, buttery texture. Our CBDA Budder consistency tends to be smooth and creamy. Because it is made from CBDA concentrate, our budder has a high potency, reaching well into the 90% range.

What differentiates our FluxxLab™ CBDA budder?

This CBDA budder is made from our finest concentrates with just a few of the natural fats and terpenes remaining. Not to mention, this Live Budder also includes naturally-occurring hemp terpenes for a full entourage effect.

Why are terpenes important to CBDA budder?

Natural hemp terpenes add a certain richness to the experience. They also contribute to what is known as the entourage effect. Making products like these is an artisan process, and not all budders are equal. Fluxxlab™ carefully crafts its budder with pride. It is deeper and richer than any concentrate you will ever experience, guaranteed!

How do I use CBDA budder?

Most people choose to dab their budder. As a very manageable concentrate, it’s easy to use and a great pleasure to consume. And because of the purity, it’s an excellent choice for including in a recipe.

How much CBDA budder should I use?

Our FluxxLab™ Live CBDA Budder comes in 1 gram packaging. Because this is in a concentrated format, it is highly potent. Expect to get a lot of doses from just one gram of FluxxLab™ Budder!

Will I get high with CBDA budder?

No. Our Budder is completely THC Free.

Why should I use CBDA budder?

If you are looking for the perfect concentrate, you can hardly improve on FluxxLab™ Budder. Completely legal in all 50 states, you can carry and use this remarkable product anywhere. Its complete and full-bodied flavor will surprise you. It’s also the perfect way to tone down your more potent dab products, leaving you feeling good for hours without getting high. Being a source of CBD, it can be used in many ways and for many reasons.

Dabbing vs. Vaping

Vaporizing your CBDA is the perfect process: it doesn’t create any smoke and combines purity with bioavailability. It’s true that some users will only consider vaping while others swear by their dab rig. Dabbing has become popular among serious CBD enthusiasts. Very few concentrates meet the exacting standards or reach a high enough level of quality, potency, and purity that FluxxLab™ concentrates accomplishes. Our products are up to three times more concentrated than other products. Vaping is an easier and less controversial way to experience CBD in an inhalable form. High-quality vape oil is hard to come by. FluxxLab™ vape oil is pure, natural and does not contain any harmful dilutants. The same goes for our Shatter and Budder. Our products are just pure hemp extract and we are completely THC Free. Nothing else comes close! Whether you dab or vape, FluxxLab™ has the right product for you. Our concentrates are painstakingly prepared to be both pure and satisfying. No fillers, no additives. We guarantee you the best experience you will receive from any product.

Results that Outperform any Other CBD You’ve Tried

13 reviews for CBDA Budder

  1. Eric Rober

    It tastes great and you can feel the difference in minutes. I would recommend this to anyone.

  2. Johnna

    This CBD is incredible. I have used CBD for about a year and the effects of this one in particular is quick and you can feel it. As a dispensary worker it’s always hard to find a CBD product that is as good as the ones with THC but this budder made me feel great. I was stressed after a long day of work and able to relax. I will definitely be using these products!

  3. Anthony (verified owner)

    Very surprised by the clean taste from this wax and how hard it kicked in. Got a very nice buzz that was not overwhelming but very calming. Works great in my dab pen without a nasty sticky residue left behind. Highly recommended.

  4. Brad

    This being my first time trying a 100% pure CBD only product, I was completely amazed at its ability to help me. The texture of the budder was just right and not too runny, like you find with most other brands. I found the taste, overall aroma and smell very natural and soothing, not bitter or harsh as with some that have other chemicals or additives. I will definitely be looking for more of this next trip to the dispo. Thanks to my amazing neighbor and her friend for turning me on to such a great product.

    • fluxxlab

      Hi Brad! Thank you for your kind words, we love hearing such good things about our product. You can order online, over the phone, or at our store location!

  5. Jacob P.

    This dab it really smooth and tastes amazing! It was very relaxing and helped me to decompress after a long day!

  6. Kalyn H.

    This concentrate is killer! It tastes like cherry limeade and made me melt into a pool of warm! I am new to CBD dabs and I was pleasantly surprised at how fast it worked! I really enjoyed it!

  7. Charley S.

    This dab tastes great- like cherries! It hits really smooth with no coughing and also has an awesome sugary texture that I loved. A great dab experience!

  8. Charles

    Love this budder! You can taste and feel the superior quality!

  9. Bob R.

    My wife got the vape cartridge and it’s really good stuff, but the budder is even bedder (lol)! Really like the flavor of the budder, seems like there’s a little bit of lemon flavor. Compared to the cape cartridge, you need a much smaller hit from the budget. I feel it almost immediately. Really helps with the joint pain from rheumatoid arthritis. Works better than anything I’ve tried that doesn’t contain THC.

    • fluxxlab

      Thank you, Bob! We’re happy to hear the budder has helped you for the “bedder!”

  10. Shannon

    I have severe headaches throughout the day and a small dab of this in the morning keeps my head from throbbing for the rest of the day. The taste is subtle yet sweet and does not linger on the tongue for long. Even though I started using this product for my headaches, it also helps with sleep, and relaxation. I highly recommend this product.

  11. Wes

    I have used a plethora of CBD products for dabbing over the years and recently had the privilege of trying the full spectrum CBD budder by fluxxlab.

    I was very satisfied with the effects as it took my back pain away within about 10 minutes, the product was a lovely color, texture was excellent, flavorful, terpene rich, and lasted for hours. I wish I could find stuff like this at the dispensaries!!!

    You can tell the level of passion that went into making this product was extensive, I tip my hat to the lab team responsible for it. Keep up the hard work Fluxxlab!!!

  12. tessa c

    GORGEOUS budder! Smells like cherries, tastes like expensive tea, provides a very noticeable calming and clarifying effect!

  13. Lainie Ruth

    Wow! I have never used any type of cannabis budder before. I started with Fluxxlabs CBDA budder and dabbed for my very first time with it. I was so impressed by the awesome flavor and the immediate feeling of relaxation and calmness. I definitely recommend this product for those looking for THC-free products!
    -Lainie Ruth

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