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We get great reviews and our Tablets and Pills are fast becoming the most popular way for you to get the amazing benefits of CBD and CBDA. Available in different strengths, at FluxxLab™ you will always get the best quality, guaranteed.

More convenient than ever before, and available up to an amazing 3,000 mg per bottle, FluxxLab™ tablets are fast-acting powerful and gentle. Conveniently available in Full- Spectrum, Broad Spectrum and THC-Free Isolate. These compact CBD tablets are very easy to take, and are highly bioavailable.

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CBDA + CBD Tablets In THC-Free, Full Spectrum And Broad Spectrum

High potency CBD Tablets were never this convenient before. Our 100mg fast-acting CBDa + CBD tablets are powerful but gentle. Conveniently available in Full-Spectrum CBD tablets, Broad Spectrum and THC-Free Isolate. These very convenient CBD tablets are fast-acting and highly bioavailable. Most people don’t take high enough dosages of CBD. With 3000mg per bottle, just one or two CBD tablets per day can easily lift you into the highest full-effect category of CBD dosage. It’s just what you need and you will notice the difference.

FluxxLab™ CBDA + CBD Tablets

By far the best way to take CBD. CBD tablets are convenient and will give you the full amount of CBD that you need, no matter what it is that you need CBD for. Experts and medical professionals always prefer that you use CBD tablets if they are available. FluxxLab™ CBD pills, tablets, and soft gels are precisely formulated and come in a variety of strengths, potency, and formulations. No matter what it is that you need in CBDA, CBD, or other cannabinoid compounds, FluxxLab™ has the right combination for you. Far more convenient than tinctures, CBD tablets are also more precise when it comes to dosage. Today’s tablets are also available with more milligrams than in the past. It is no longer a problem if what you need is high strength CBD tablets.

How Much CBD Should I take?

If you are taking plain CBD tablets, most people start out with between 50 and 100 milligrams per day. That works out to being 1,500-3,000 milligrams per month. While there is not much data on the upper limit of how much is too much, Healthline.com quotes a 2011 study on the safety and side effects of CBD and has found that continuous use of CBD tablets, even in high doses like 1,500 mg a day, is tolerated well by humans.

300 milligrams per day seems to be a good upper limit

Many experts seem to agree that around 300 milligrams in regular CBD tablets per day should achieve the maximum user benefit under normal circumstances. If you are taking a CBDA, CBD combination you won’t need as many milligrams. CBD tablets are always the most convenient form of ingestion.

You can get the equivalent of 300 milligrams by taking less

A combination of CBDA and CBD formulation of 100 milligrams can be the equivalent of 300 milligrams of plain CBD tablets. The FluxxLab™ series of 100 milligrams pills includes a Full-Spectrum CBD CBDA high strength tablet that is equivalent to 300 milligrams of plain CBD.

What Is The Difference Between CBDA and CBD?

CBD is the general term that people use to refer to all cannabinoids. CBD is also the main cannabinoid and the one that usually constitutes 90% of what you get in almost any CBD supplement. CBDA is CBD in its raw form. CBDA is what you find in the natural plant before it is processed. CBDA and CBD act differently, and the combination of the two is much more effective than either one by itself. FluxxLab™ CBD tablets come in both plain CBD as well as enhanced CBDA and CBD tablet forms.

What Is The Difference Between THC-Free, Full Spectrum, and Broad Spectrum Isolate?

This seems complicated, but it really isn’t. CBD is a natural compound that comes from the hemp plant. CBD is a common term that is also used to refer to the many related compounds that are also present but usually in far smaller amounts. Whether you use THC Free, Broad Spectrum, or Full Spectrum, the main ingredient is still the same, and the results are similar.

Pure CBD is THC Free CBD Tablets

Pure CBD tablets without any other CBD compounds and without THC are available from most suppliers. Many people find the benefits to be excellent.

Broad Spectrum THC Free CBD Tablets

Broad Spectrum CBD tablets have had the THC removed, but many of the other beneficial compounds are still there.

Full Spectrum CBD Tablets

Full Spectrum CBD tablets have not had anything removed. Full Spectrum products still have all of the naturally occurring CBD’s. (This usually includes a very small amount of THC.) Full Spectrum CBD tablets are considered to be very effective.

What is THC? Why Is It A Problem?

Full Spectrum products almost always contain THC. THC is actually a beneficial form of CBD when taken in the right dosage. The problem comes when there’s too much THC. The legal amount of THC in the hemp plant is highly beneficial and never comes close to inducing psychoactive effects. Nevertheless, cautious people who don’t want to be exposed to THC understandably want to avoid it. For those people, there are still two excellent choices. They can use the THC Free variation, or they can select THC Free Broad Spectrum CBD tablets.

What is the CBD Spectrum?

The CBD spectrum is a term that describes the overall breadth of different cannabinoids. While CBD itself is the dominant cannabinoid there are many other CBD’s. The CBD spectrum actually consists of over 120 cannabinoids most of which occur in very small amounts but can still be very beneficial. Full spectrum CBD tablets always contain the maximum amount of CBD varieties.

What Are Minor Cannabinoids?

They are called minor cannabinoids in the CBD Spectrum because they occur in small amounts, but some of them are very important. CBD tablets that contain even small amounts of minor cannabinoids are both important and very effective. In other cases, minor cannabinoids can be extracted and then added back in larger quantities for specialized uses. Two very good examples are CBD tablets that also contain CBN and CBDA both very powerful and very important. FluxxLab™ Full Spectrum CBD tablets are rich in raw CBDA, and they contain an impressive span of the CBD Spectrum. At FluxxLab™ our Full Spectrum CBD tablets are richer and more complete that almost any other product on the market.

CBD Strength

Getting just the right amount of CBD strength is not difficult. Dosage is measured in milligrams. CBD tablets and pills come in convenient sizes that vary from 10 milligrams up to around 100 milligrams each. Some CBD tablets can be broken in half. Strength is another way of saying potency. Aside from potency, there is the question of whether you are just getting CBD or if you are also getting other cannabinoids as well. A broader selection of cannabinoids is usually considered to be more beneficial. Dosage is the word that people use to describe the number of milligrams in a single dose, or a single pill or tablet.

CBD Tablet Strength vs CBD Tablet Potency

CBD tablet strength usually refers to the number of milligrams. CBD tablet potency usually refers not just to the milligrams but also to how effective the pill or CBD tablet is going to be. You can make the case that major cannabinoids such as CBDA and CBN increase the strength and potency to a far greater degree than the milligrams. While CBD is still the main cannabinoid, CBDA and CBN are very valuable and are known for very special benefits. When correctly blended CBDA, CBN, selected terpenes, and other minor cannabinoids can form a potency that is many times their equivalency in actual milligrams.

Results that Outperform any Other CBD You’ve Tried

2 reviews for 100mg CBDA + CBD Tablets

  1. Jared

    I tried the Full Spectrum CBDA formula and got a huge entourage effect after about 45min. Very calming and I have slept the best I have in years since using this product. You have to give it a try!

  2. Mary Wright

    Massive entourage effect every time I take it. This is by far the best CBD I have taken, and I love being able to break up the tablets to get the dosage I need.

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