About FluxxLab™

Nobody cares more about CBD than FluxxLab™

Why FluxxLab™?

At FluxxLab™, CBD is what we know best. We are passionate Colorado based experts in all things hemp and CBD. Our lab is the best equipped and the most capable CBD lab in the state. We stand behind each and every product with 100% quality and satisfaction guarantee.

Who is FluxxLab™?

FluxxLab™ is a specialty division of The Arendis Group and Arendis Labs. The Arendis Group includes Bliss Wellness, which is a premier consumer CBD brand.

What makes us extraordinary?

It starts with the careful selection of outstanding, high quality, locally produced Colorado hemp strains.
Next comes a unique extraction process which very precisely separates and preserves the most valuable and unique cannabinoids.

After that we craft our CBDA formulations to be the most potent and effective available anywhere.
We very proudly offer these finely crafted products to our customers and dealers worldwide.
Finally, we stand behind each and every product with a 100% quality and satisfaction guarantee.


Often referred to as the Mother of CBD, CBDA is found in the live hemp plant, but almost always degrades to CBD during harvesting and processing. Preserving CBDA, and preventing it from converting to CBD is an art. Refining and preserving the very best cannabinoids is what we do at FluxxLab™, and nobody does it better. We are the world’s experts at bringing you pure, refined CBDA.

We combine the best old-world craft with the most advanced modern technology

Our products are carefully and finely crafted with an eye to attentive testing. While we use special tools and machinery to perfect our products. It is the care and attention of our professionals that make the difference in the quality and efficiency of our CBD, CBDA, and beta-caryophyllene product ranges.

We test our CBDA products thoroughly

We check our products in every step of the production process. We also use state certified third-party laboratories for additional testing and confirmation. Test results are available online and also by request. You can always trust the experts at FluxxLab™.

Our CBDA is THC Free

At FluxxLab™ we have perfected a proprietary methods that keeps our CBDA wholesome and completely THC Free.

Our passion is our work

We are passionate about our work. We have invested heavily and developed remarkable extraction and processing methods. But we have not forgotten how hand-crafting also has its benefits. By combining careful old-school expertise with state-of-the-art technology, we proudly produce the very best hemp based extracts in the world. FluxxLab™ CBD and CBDA is unique and second to none.

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