Delta 8 Inhaler 20mg


Delta 8 Reinvented

Two New Products Revolutionizing the way you consume Delta 8 THC.

Chewable Mints

A breakthrough in Delta 8 THC

• Precisely Delivered Doses

• Clean Delta 8, No Glycerines

• Satisfaction Guaranteed


Dry Powder Inhaler

The ultimate Delta 8 experience. Breathable nano powder. Very rapid onset with none of the negative side effects of vape.

Dry Powder inhalers are now the number one method used by the Pharma industry for rapid and clean pulmonary delivery of drugs and medication.

This dry powder inhaler is the best and most effective way to experience Delta 8. Pure, clean and very fast acting.


Chewable Mints

Introducing our next generation, Chewable Mints. Now, users can experience the true, full effects of Delta 8 in just five minutes. Our new Chewable Mints are designed to be highly bioavailable and remarkably fast acting, all while provide a unique high.

Our Chewable Mints outperform the competition and elevate the standard for effective, sublingual delivery of Delta 8 THC.We love them and know you will too.