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The strongest CBD vape juice on the planet.

Vaping has emerged as one of the most efficient ways of taking CBD. This is because of its immediate effects and high bio-availability. Once you inhale, CBD enters your lungs and within mere minutes you will be feeling the effects.

Unsurprisingly, many people are choosing vaping as an easy and instantaneous way of taking CBD, Delta 8 THC, CBC, CBN, and CBDA. This is a helpful way of benefiting from CBD.

The Strongest CBD Vape oil Guaranteed.


Our ultra premium CBD vape juice is the cleanest and strongest CBD you will ever experience or your money back.

100% pure CBD vapor, here comes the entourage effect. 

"As advertised, best CBD I have ever tried, you can feel it!" ~ Tyra, M, Santa Clarita,  CA


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How safe is vaping CBD?

We use a high quality cartridge, our vape juice is non-crystallizing, and contains no dilutents — the entire product is all hemp and completely natural. (We do not use propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin or any other harmful additives.)

Your FluxxLab™ vape cartridge is over 80% actual CBD, which is more than twice what you receive from most other vape suppliers. At this price, you will see what an excellent value you receive from FluxxLab™.

You will experience the complete CBD entourage effect with every one of FluxxLab’s™ ultra-rich and full-bodied CBD vape cartridges.

What is vaping?

Vaping CBD oil requires an e-cig, a vaping device, or a vaporizer.

Such devices produce vapor from the liquid that is introduced in the device, in our case CBD. The vapor is produced by heating the liquid with the help of a built-in battery. When the CBD is heated, it turns into CBD and the vapor carrying the CBD is then passed from the device to the lungs.

It is good to remember that nothing is burnt within the device, only vapor is created through this warming process.

CBDA vs CBD when vaping

CBDA converts to CBD when you vape it. The advantage of vaping CBDA is that it is a more pure and higher concentration vape juice to begin with, so you get a higher concentration and better CBD when you use it.

Vaping vs using tinctures

Vaping is more bioavailable. What that means is that the CBD enters your system more efficiently, and you get a faster delivery. You will receive the effects and get the benefits more quickly.

Nano-emulsified tinctures are more bioavailable than vaping.

We also offer CBD Pills, Tincture and Concentrate products.

Vaping CBD Dosage

There is no official dosage recommendation when it comes to CBD, let alone to vaping CBD. The dosage depends on the concentration of CBD in the cartridge and the number of hits each cartridge contains.

For example, if you are buying a cartridge that contains 800mg of CBD, giving you 200 puffs in total, then each puff will contains about 4mg of CBD.

An average dosage for vaped CBD can be from 10mg up to 300mg per day.

Due to its almost immediate effect on the body, taking a single hit will help you determine almost instantly how effective it is for you.

Starting low and increasing the dosage slowly is the proper approach to estimating the right CBD dosage for you.

CBD bioavailability with vaping

Because vaping bypasses the digestive system, its bioavailability can reach up to 75%, which is roughly twice what you will receive with a tincture oil.

FluxxLab’s™ vaping products

FluxxLab™ has developed a range of vaping products with our unique combination formula. We offer premium CBDA, CBC, CBN and Delta 8 THC vape oil cartridges, re-fill syringes, and CBDA vaporizer kits.

Whichever you choose, rest-assured that the products have been formulated with the best care and highest quality possible. As the name suggests, a CBDA concentrate is CBDA in high concentrations and in its purest form. With FluxxLab™ vape juice you will be receiving more actual CBD than in most other products.

Will vaping FluxxLab™ get me high?

No. FluxxLab™ vape oil is completely THC Free.

How does vaping FluxxLab™ CBDA compare to using a tincture?

Generally speaking, you will get a faster onset of relief if you vape. Tinctures generally take 45 minutes or so.

How does vaping FluxxLab™ CBDA compare to using your Beta-Caryophyllene?

The Beta-Caryophyllene tincture/drink enhancer is more potent and lasts longer. It is also nano emulsified. The onset of relief using vape will be a little faster, but the Beta-Caryophyllene is very fast, too. The difference in on-set is probably 15-20 minutes.

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Why FluxxLab™?

Our Colorado-based laboratory is among the best in Colorado. We have the most dedicated CBD professionals. We understand how to craft the perfect product for your CBD needs. Nobody cares as much as we do. We promise to serve you with total dedication, and we stand behind every product you purchase.