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The Strongest CBC on the planet.

CBC is short for Cannabichromene. CBC is a non-psychoactive natural enzyme of the Hemp plant broken down from CBGA. When exposed to heat from UV light, CBCA breaks down to  CBC. CBC was initially studied for its pain benefits.

At FluxxLab™, we have developed a cryo-extraction process that preserves the Cannabichromene.

The Strongest CBC Oil Guaranteed.


Our ultra premium CBC Oil is the cleanest and strongest CBC you will ever experience or your money back.

100% pure CBC, here comes the entourage effect.

"As advertised, best CBD I have ever tried, you can feel it!" ~ Tyra, M, Santa Clarita,  CA


More information on CBD pills

Fluxxlab CBD Pills Signature FormulasMaking CBD pills and tablets begins with our extensive expertise in the best hemp and Hemp Oil that Colorado has to offer. To make the best CBD pills we only use Colorado- grown hemp that has been cultivated organically. The hemp for our CBD pills has been carefully handpicked, and although our process is labor-intensive, it gives the best results. FluxxLab™ CBD pills are the most carefully made CBD pills and tablets you can buy.

In order to deliver the highest quality CBD pills, we pay close attention to the smallest detail in quality and effectiveness of the CBD pills that we are passionately preparing for our customers. At FluxxLab™ our CBD pills are the highest quality CBD pills and tablets you will find anywhere.

We think that CBD pills are the best way for you to take your CBD. At Fluxxlab™, Making the very best CBD pills and softgels for you is our passion, and we pay close attention to every detail. Our CBD pills use only the finest ingredients. Nobody has more experience, and nobody cares more than we do.

At FluxxLab™ our CBD pills combine the very best ingredients to provide you our customers the most complete and most effective CBD pills every time. FluxxLab™ CBD pills and tablets are the most complete CBD pills you will find anywhere.

What you should look for when buying CBD Pills, Capsules or Tablets

CBD pills are a health product, they are not a vitamin. When you take CBD pills your goal is to make sure that that you have high-quality CBD pills and that they will be properly absorbed by your body. Different CBD pills, tablets and tinctures will give you different results. FluxxLab™ CBD pills are the best way to take your CBD, and FluxxLab™ CBD pills deliver the highest quality and the best potency.

Did you know?

Not all CBD pills are alike, and not all CBD pills are equal. Did you know that as much as 80% of the CBD you take can be wasted due to poor absorbency? Your FluxxLab™ CBD pills are carefully prepared to be better and more fully absorbed than tinctures, softgels or any other CBD pills. Because our FluxxLab™ high absorbency CBD pills absorb far better than other capsules and softgels, you are getting better value and you are saving money. At FluxxLab™ our CBD pills are specifically designed to dissolve more efficiently. Our CBD pills are the best way to take your CBD, at FluxxLab™ our CBD pills always deliver the highest quality and the best potency of any CBD pills anywhere.

What's the Difference Between CBD Capsules, Pills and Tablets?

CBN Night-time Formula Plus CBD Pills by FluxxlabCBD pills are better because they can combine the best ingredients in very precise ratios. While CBD pills and tablets come in different forms, at FluxxLab™ our CBD pills are more bioavailable than other CBD pills or capsules. FluxxLab™ CBD pills and tablets always use the best naturally occurring compounds in the hemp plant. The goal at FluxxLab™ is to provide you with CBD pills and tablets that deliver the highest quality and the best absorption. CBD pills and tablets that give you good absorption are going to give you more usable CBD and that will save you money. FluxxLab™ CBD pills are the most potent CBD pills and tablets you can buy.

Capsules, Softgels and other CBD pills are limited in what they can do

Softgels are an excellent way to take small amounts of CBD, but they are limited when it comes to providing additional ingredients. Capsules and other CBD pills usually combine dry ingredients and are therefore very limited as to what they can deliver. FluxxLab™ CBD pills are the most potent CBD pills and tablets you can buy.

Different Categories of CBD pills and tablets

At FluxxLab™ our CBD pills fall into two categories. First, we offer very high potency 100 milligram CBD pills and tablets that are rich in CBD, CBDA, minor cannabinoids and terpenes. These CBD pills and tablets come in Full-Spectrum and in THC-Free CBD pill versions . FluxxLab™ high milligram CBD pills are the most potent CBD pills anywhere.

Our second category of CBD pills are CBD pills and tablets that combine high potency with special ingredients like vitamins and health supplements.
For daytime alertness and energy, our Day-Time CBD pills and tablets combine CBDA and CBD with B Vitamins, Vitamin D, CO Q10, Caffeine and Piperine. FluxxLab™ Day-Time CBD pills are also truly excellent 50 milligram high-potency CBD pills. Nothing else can compare.
For rest, relaxation or sleep, our Night-Time CBD pills and tablets include Melatonin, or Melatonin with CBN. FluxxLab™ Night Time CBD pills are the most  effective night time CBD pills on the market. FluxxLab™ 100 milligram Night-Time PLUS CBD pills with Melatonin and CBN are truly incomparable.

Why We Add CBDN, and CBDA to Our Formulas

CBD + CBDA Pills 3000mg Total 50 mg TabletsFor CBD pills that stand out above all of the rest, we add CBDN, CBN CBDA and other cannabinoids in order to make your CBD pills richer and more effective. CBD pills formulated with these special cannabinoids are many more times effective than plain CBD pills. FluxxLab™ CBD pills are enriched with full spectrum CBD’s. Try our CBD pills that are also enriched with CBDN, CBN CBDA.

CBD pills made with plain CBD don’t work as well as CBD pills with more diverse ingredients. Wile CBD is the best known cannabinoid many people don’t know that CBD doesn’t work very well alone. It is when CBD is combined with other cannabinoids that the potency is multiplied. The purpose in adding CBDA, CBDN, CBN or any other cannabinoids is to multiply the effectiveness of the CBD itself.

FluxxLab™ CBD pills are enriched with full spectrum CBDA and CBD. We also add high value CBN and CBDA to our CBD pills so that your FluxxLab™ CBD pills will always be the very best CBD pills that you will find anywhere.

What is CBD Broad Spectrum?

The term CBD Broad Spectrum can be a little confusing. Broad Spectrum is a term that is used when the THC has been removed from a CBD Full Spectrum oil. FluxxLab™ THC-Free Broad Spectrum CBD pills are still rich in important minor cannabinoids.

What is the Entourage Effect?

Plain CBD pills have excellent but limited potency. Higher actual potency is when your CBD pills are enriched with CBDA and other cannabinoids. This creates what is known as the “Entourage Effect" and can not be measured in milligrams. FluxxLab™ CBD pills are carefully crafted to deliver the maximum entourage effect every time.

Different CBD pills may have the same number of milligrams, but the value and potency of different CBD pills varies a great deal. Potency is better explained if it is related to how many endocannabinoid receptors the CBD milligrams are able to communicate with. Plain CBD pills communicate with only a limited number of receptors. Richer CBD pills are more diverse and reach more receptors which means more potency. CBD pills with more cannabinoid diversity increase the relative potency by as much as 3-5 times. FluxxLab™ CBD pills always deliver maximum diversity, they are the best CBD pills and tablets that you can buy anywhere.

How Much CBD do you need?

Experts seem to agree that using CBD pills up to about 300 milligrams per day should achieve the maximum user benefit. FluxxLab™ CBD high potency CBD pills are carefully formulated for maximum user benefit at all times. While there is not much data on the upper limit of how many CBD pills are too many. Healthline.com quotes a 2011 study on the safety and side effects of CBD and has found that continuous use of CBD pills, even in high doses like 1,500 mg a day, is tolerated well by humans.

What is CBDA?

CBDA is actually raw CBD. Full-Spectrum CBDA is more complete and more beneficial than Full-spectrum CBD. Despite the fact that CBD and CBDA are mother and daughter so to speak, they both work very differently, and when they are combined the overall effect is two to three times greater than either one alone. This is another example of the Entourage Effect, and this is where CBD pill users gain maximum benefit. FluxxLab™ CBD pills combine CBDA and CBD pills to provide the maximum entourage benefit at all times.

What is Maximum Benefit?

Maximum benefit is when CBD pills deliver the correct ratio of CBD’s to fully address your endocannabinoid system. Maximum benefit requires both quantity (milligrams) and diversity (entourage) of CBD’s on a daily basis. FluxxLab™ CBD pills carefully combine milligrams and cannabinoid diversity. FluxxLab™ CBD pills will always provide you with Maximum CBD Benefit.

What is CBN or CBDN?

CBN is a natural cannabinoid that is formed when THCa is oxidized. It is widely thought to be a sleep aid. However, research seems to support that it is not CBN alone that contributes to treatment for insomnia but what is better described as the interaction between CBN, THCa and selected terpenes working in combination. This is called an Entourage Effect. (CBN is also known as CBDN)

FluxxLab™ Night-Time Plus with CBN is carefully formulated for the unique Entourage Effect. FluxxLab™ Night -Time CBD pills with CBN are the most potent CBD pills and tablets you can buy.

CBD and MelatoninMelatonin is a very well known supplement, it is widely used and even prescribed. You may well find that CBD with Melatonin is right for you. FluxxLab™ Night -Time CBD pills include a conservative dose of pharmaceutical grade Melatonin. Finding and offering ways to help people get a good night’s sleep is the world’s second oldest profession! High quality FluxxLab™ CBD pills are the best place to start.

CBD With Melatonin Night Time Formula by FluxxlabThe best sleep aids are lifestyle behaviors. Regular exercise, proper diet, and adequate hydration. Sleep is a journey, and the beginning of that journey starts in the mind. The best natural sleep remedies are those that you have already found benefit you in your daily life. Understanding how the endocannabinoid system regulates your body and your mood can lead you to gaining confidence in how CBD pills will always be the most perfect supplement to start you on your evening journey to a good night’s sleep.

Remember, FluxxLab™ CBD with Melatonin is always there and ready to deliver the benefits of CBD with Melatonin. Try FluxxLab™ Night -Time CBD pills and see if you don’t agree that they are the most perfect CBD pills you have ever used.

CBC Products

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