Worried about potentially failing a drug test at work because you don’t know how long Delta 8 lasts in your system? Relax. We got you covered. The stuff we prepared below will tell you more about the Delta 8 marijuana strain and all the fun things you want to know about it. Once you dive in, you’ll learn about the positives and negatives of Delta 8 in general, what it’s really about, how long it lasts in the body, and its components. So hopefully, when you go out to purchase or grow and sell a new marijuana product with Delta 8, you’ll be aware of its effects and how long it can linger inside your body. 


What is Delta 8?

Delta 8 is a brand new product in the marijuana/cannabis business. Since it is extracted from hemp, it only contains at least 0.3 percent of THC, otherwise known as tetrahydrocannabinol. This means that Delta 8 is pretty much legal on a national scale. Some states where marijuana is legalized have taken to selling products with Delta 8. Loads of marijuana specialty online shops have begun selling Delta 8 products in recent years. Another exciting thing about Delta 8 is that it is technically a minor compound with a huge personality, thus resulting in milder and smoother psychotropic effects. 


Delta 8 is unique because if you get an opportunity to ingest or smoke it or live in an area where marijuana is legal, you’ll get to experience a unique kind of high that isn’t present in other marijuana compounds. But if it fails to get you high, then you might find yourself asking some questions regarding it.


Delta 8 is quite similar to CBD or cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is an ingredient found in cannabis. CBD is pretty famous because it comes with the health benefits and properties of marijuana, without the risk of making the user high or doing long-term damage to their body. CBD comes with lots of wide-ranging benefits and has garnered the approval of some experts. However, there are still plenty of other CBD-related, or Delta 8-related products found all over real-life or online stores, with most of them making headlines – Although some of these experts have said that the popularity of Delta 8-laced products should cause concern. 


Like CBD, Delta 8 is just one of the hundreds of chemical compounds found inside the cannabis plant. The most popular chemical compound is THC, also known as Delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol. The main compound found inside cannabis helps you relax and gives you a ‘high,’ euphoric feeling. 


How Much Delta 8 Should I Take?

If you intend to take Delta 8 for the first time, start with small doses. When you’re still trying to determine just how much Delta 8 should you be putting in your body, start with a tiny amount and slowly work your way up the more you get used to it. To help yourself learn and understand more about how serving sizes are measured with any Delta 8-laced product, look at the packaging. Let’s compare this to Delta 9 products: Many Delta 9-laced products, such as gummies, come with a recommended serving size of 5 milligrams, which is only half of the gummy. 


Meanwhile, with Delta 8, plenty of the gummies come in an average serving size of 25 milligrams. And if you cut one gummy in half and eat it, you are consuming at least 12.5 milligrams of Delta 8. This means that the effects of a 25-milligram Delta 8 gummy are more or less similar to a Delta 9 gummy containing at least 10 milligrams of marijuana. It’s also important to remember that these 10 milligrams of Delta 9 or 25 milligrams of Delta 8 might be way too much for a person to take, especially for someone new to cannabis. Meanwhile, the same amount can be too small or light for other marijuana consumers. This is why it is highly recommended that you take a small amount of Delta 8 at a time, so you won’t experience too much of a high and feel overwhelmed when ingesting it – Especially if it’s your first time. 


So what are the things you should consider when you’re still trying to figure out which Delta 8 serving size is the best one for you? Plenty of factors come into play when you’re still determining the correct amount of Delta 8 ingestion for your body. These include the following:


  • Your body’s chemistry
  • The setting you’re currently in
  • Marijuana tolerance levels
  • Your Delta 8’s profile and nutrition
  • Your reason for ingesting Delta 8


Those are just a few, but there are plenty of reasons – And questions – To ask yourself why you want to ingest a marijuana product with Delta 8 in it. How will Delta 8 ingestion make you feel afterwards? The way Delta 8 is consumed matters too. For instance, if you don’t plan on smoking marijuana and want to take ‘safer’ options instead, like gummies, then you must wait a couple of hours before you can pop one into your mouth. The effects of consuming too many gummies or Delta 8 edibles in one go will eventually sneak up on you, especially when your body hasn’t had enough time to process the first serving of gummies. 


Different Methods of Consuming Delta 8

Like other marijuana compounds, you can consume Delta 8 in various ways. So if you’re still hesitant to try it out, there are no excuses for not wanting to try it. 


  • Edibles: This is one of the more popular methods of consuming Delta 8 and other phytocannabinoids. When inside the body, an edible gets processed in the liver and will go from a mere 15 minutes to 2 hours before you can start feeling its effects. Contrary to inhaling marijuana vapours, edibles take a while to break down and exit your system. The results of edibles vary from person to person because the metabolites inside them are all fat-soluble, allowing them to bind to a person’s fat deposits in the body. 
  • Inhalation: Another popular method of consuming Delta 8, and with good reason – Inhaling Delta 8 vapours is the quickest way to get high. This is a method of marijuana consumption that passes through your lungs and goes straight to the bloodstream, in comparison to edibles which heads over to the liver when ingested. Inhaling Delta 8 vapours also makes the high last for a short time.
  • Underneath the tongue: Similar to the most common way of consuming CBD, you can also take Delta 8 in the form of tinctures. A Delta 8 THC tincture is a type of liquid that can be dropped underneath someone’s tongue, commonly seen in marijuana-laced products. The drop of tincture is then held under the tongue for a few seconds before being swallowed. The liquid found in tinctures is then absorbed through the membranes inside your mouth then transferred to the bloodstream. It only takes at least fifteen to thirty minutes for the tinctures to activate and for you to feel the effects of Delta 8. 


Research Regarding the Effects of Delta 8 

In 2018, a bill known as the Farm Bill officially legalized the sale, distribution, and production of CBD products. Remember that the products and edibles crafted and infused with CBD do not give you a ‘high’ feeling compared to other marijuana-based products. Many of these CBD-infused products are legally sold in the USA, as long as the product only contains at least .3 percent of THC or less. This allows the federal legalization of CBD-infused products that contain just a tiny bit of Delta 8 to be sold under similar guidelines. However, some experts, including healthcare professionals, have expressed their concerns regarding the sale of Delta 8 products, since technically, Delta 8 is still a form of THC. This means that ingesting products that include Delta 8 – Whether accompanied by CBD or something more potent – Could still make you feel high because it still contains psychoactive ingredients similar to THC. You can check our Delta 8 products to see which suits you the best.


One internal medicine specialist states that CBD products containing Delta 8 could still include at least 50 percent up to 80 percent of the same psychoactive effects that Delta 9 has typically. Ingesting Delta 8 products could potentially make you high but not as strong as those coming from Delta 9 products. 


Where Does Delta 8 Come From, Anyway?

Delta 8 is just one of the many cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. It is located in both marijuana and hemp plants. However, in their natural state, the effects of these cannabinoids won’t be there. But marijuana brands and enthusiasts have lately begun growing marijuana plants or flowers rich in Delta 8. They isolate the cannabinoids when the plants are extracted to start making products that contain high levels of cannabinoids. So this means they can sell products infused with Delta 8, like edibles, flowers, tinctures, topicals, and vapes. 


Delta 8 is such a popular cannabinoid compared to its other components because the properties are so unique. This particular cannabinoid also has its supportive benefits, accompanied by a tiny amount of psychoactive effects. Sometimes, you won’t feel these effects when you ingest Delta 8 into the body. So compared to Delta 9 THC, Delta 8 won’t give you that high, which marijuana products are known for. Instead, it gives you a euphoric yet calming feel – Often described by its consumers as ‘weightlessness .’Of course, the results may vary depending on the type of product you consume or how your body can handle marijuana. However, many people have since enjoyed consuming Delta 8 THC since it doesn’t come with the discomfort and anxiety that they get if they ingest too much of it. 


There is still so much to learn regarding Delta 8 and its effects on the body. Some states have chosen to either regulate or ban products that contain Delta 8 – Until everyone is at least familiar with its long-term or short-term effects or benefits. Even though the compound is considered federally legal thanks to the aforementioned 2018 Farm Bill, if you intend to grow Delta 8-rich plants, sell products infused with Delta 8, or obtain and consume products that contain Delta 8, then please check the laws in your state to see if it’s allowed. 


How To Remove Delta 8 From Your System

Suppose you have ingested way too much Delta 8 into your body. How do you get it out? There are many ways and strategies for you to clear Delta 8 out of your system, no matter the reason. Even though there’s no guarantee that these methods will work, none of them are harmful or will cause physical or mental harm to the consumer in the long run. It’s always worth a shot doing any of these methods in case you’re worried about an upcoming drug test. You likely have to wait until the metabolites found in the drug have worn off.


  • Drink plenty of water. Water is very healthy and can flush out the toxins in the body, including Delta 8 in urine. Drinking lots of water can also help with hydration and assist with everything needed for your body to stay healthy and well-functioning. 
  • Abstaining. This might seem very boring for some, and at times, can be difficult. But if this is necessary for you to pass that drug test, stop yourself from consuming all forms of THC, including THC with Delta 8. This is the only surefire way for you to get it out of your system. 
  • Exercise and keep fit. The metabolites found in Delta 8 products are stored inside the body’s fat cells. So it makes plenty of sense that staying active, and doing cardio work like running, weight training, and brisk walking increases your metabolism and helps burn away those fat cells. Once you lose those fat cells, your body will help flush them away through Delta 8 in urine. There’s also another benefit that exercise brings to the body – It helps produce anandamide, a known endocannabinoid. If you decide to take a break from Delta 8 consumption, you’ll still be able to reap the benefits of Delta 8’s neurotransmitters to help your body adjust to not having Delta 8 in it but still feeling that ‘high’ at the same time. 


Side Effects Of Delta 8 Consumption

As mentioned, there’s not enough research yet to learn the full positives and negatives of using Delta 8. However, some studies have suggested that Delta 8 can help reduce mental health issues like depression and anxiety, apart from chronic pain and stress. There’s only a minuscule amount of Delta 8 found in cannabis plants. But purely concentrated amounts of Delta 8 can be extracted from CBD products when done by experts. This means that dozens of CBD products out on the market have a huge amount of Delta 8 in them, compared to the ones typically found inside raw extracts. 


Those who make CBD products for business purposes have started to add labels to the things they sell, stating whether they contain Delta 8 or not – Although plenty of CBD tinctures does include a large number of Delta 8 in them. 


So how long does Delta 8 stay in your system? It all depends on the person’s genetics, how frequently they consume products with Delta 8, the amount of Delta 8 they consume, and several other factors. 


When you plan on ingesting just about any cannabis product, you’ll want to know just how long these cannabinoids will stay in your body. This is very important if you’re in a business that requires frequent testing because you wouldn’t want the authorities to find Delta 8 in blood or urine samples and just about anything that detects drugs in a person’s body. Even though the THC found in Delta 8 isn’t psychoactive, it is still potential to be seen during these tests. This is why learning just how long Delta 8 stays in one’s body is essential. 


Despite all of that, however, there’s no straightforward answer. There’s no set amount of time for each person. It all depends on the following factors:


  • Frequency of use: For obvious reasons, the more you consume Delta 8, the longer it stays inside your body. And if you only ingest Delta 8 products once every two months or even lesser than that, then there’s nothing to worry about. For those who occasionally ingest Delta 8 products, all traces of Delta 8 will disappear after one week or two and a half weeks, at most. This is because your body hasn’t been consuming enough cannabinoid build-ups for it to be spotted by drug tests. 


On the other hand, though, the more Delta 8 products you ingest into your body, say at least thrice a week, your body will completely get rid of it in more than a month. Depending on the drug test you take, the cannabinoids can still be detected for a minimum of 21 days and a maximum of 35 days. 

If you consume Delta 8 products daily, then it’ll take more than a month or two for it to be gone from your body. This will all depend on several factors, however, consuming any Delta 8 product daily means that it can stay in your body and be detected by tests for up to four months, maximum. So if you are required to take a drug test but consume Delta 8 daily, then this means you have to stop consuming its products for up to four months. It’s rough, but that’s the consequence of the compounds sticking to marijuana consumers’ bodies.


  • Potency and method of consumption: Believe it or not, the way you consume Delta 8 can also influence how long it stays inside your system. Some of the products sold in stores contain a much more potent and concentrated amount of Delta 8 than other products, which makes it more difficult for you to flush it out and for your body to break it down. But Delta 8-infused topicals won’t even enter your bloodstream, so you won’t have to worry about how long it stays inside your system. But other products such as cannabinoids and edibles take twice as long for them to break down, so you’ll feel the effects longer than usual.
  • Biological factors: To learn how long Delta 8 stays inside your body, you need to think about certain factors inside your body – Notably its chemistry – To figure out how long the cannabinoid stays in there.


Weight is a huge factor in determining how long Delta 8 stays in the body. The more body mass a person has, the bigger the chance that those cannabinoids remain in the body, clinging to your fat cells. Meanwhile, if you’re slimmer and have less body fat, Delta 8 won’t stay in your body for too long. They don’t have too many places to hide, after all. 

Genetics is also an essential factor. If you are lucky enough to have a quick metabolism, your body can quickly break down the Delta 8 and work it through.