CBD artfully crafted with maximum quality, care and potency to help you live out your best life.


General Wellness

CBD is able to counteract our bodies’ natural decline in the production of endocannabinoids as we age.

Reduce Anxiety

CBD relaxes the body by targeting receptors related to anxiety and stress bringing you back to homeostasis.

Pain Relief

CBD is a potent way to combat pain by suppressing inflammation at the site of injury. Start feeling better today.

Daytime Tablet

Energy boosting CBD + Vitamins for all day clarity & focus.

Nighttime Tablet

An incredible sleep aid built to get you restful sleep.


Our strongest dose per tablet to help target pain & anxiety.

CBD Tincture

The traditional form of taking CBD. Effective & potent.

Why Fluxx Lab


Results Driven

We focus on marketing results rather than products, ensuring that our solutions address the real needs of our customers.

Quality Ingredients

All of our raw ingredients are carefully sourced to ensure the highest quality in your product.

Innovative Science

Our extensive development of innovative processes has enabled us to outperform our competition in terms of bioavailability and effectiveness.


Ordering is Easy


Satisfaction Guaranteed

With our products, you’re guaranteed to love them or you’ll get your money back.

Fast Shipping

Hate waiting? We do too. We’ll make every effort to ship your order the same day it’s placed.

Customer Support

Questions or need help with an order? We actually answer our phones!        970-497-3474