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50mg Full-Spectrum Night Time CBD and Melatonin tablet. Gentle but powerful, this CBDA, CBD high-potency tablet is specially formulated with pharmaceutical-grade Melatonin for the perfect balance of nighttime benefits.

This very popular FluxxLab™ CBD and Melatonin tablet is economical and bio-available, meaning it’s been carefully formulated to absorb quickly and gently. Each tablet contains a 50 milligrams dose of very high-grade Full-Spectrum CBD, CBDA, and Melatonin for full-effect, high-potency night time blend.

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FluxxLab™ CBD With Melatonin

Get maximum benefits with FluxxLab™ Night Time CBD with Melatonin. Perfectly formulated with high potency Full-Spectrum CBD & CBDA, our CBD with Melatonin becomes the perfect supplement to enhance the effects of CBD for night time use. As with all other FluxxLab™ tablets, FluxxLab™ Night Time CBD with Melatonin is significantly enhanced and provides potency far greater than other standard CBD formulations.

With enhanced bio-availability and balanced cannabinoid diversity, FluxxLab’s™ 100 mg CBD with Melatonin provides an overall potency equivalent to as much as 300mg of plain CBD. Additional ingredients including melatonin are also boosted with Piperine.

With 100 milligrams of Broad Spectrum, your FluxxLab™ Night-Time tablets will be sure to impress you. CBD with Melatonin is our most popular night time CBD tablet.

Twice A Day Is The Best Recommendation

Taking CBD with Melatonin at night is a good way to complete your daily routine. Taking FluxxLab™ Day-Time CBD tablets in the morning and during the day is a great way to balance out your endocannabinoid system while delivering the benefits you need.

Other Night Time Options

CBD with Melatonin is a great product for night-time use, another good option for night time CBD is our very well-proven CBDA, CBD tablet without Melatonin, these tablets are a full 100mg and can be taken whole or broken in half for a 50mg dose. This CBD tablet can be used at any time day or night.

Even More Powerful for Night Time Use

We also offer Night-Time PLUS. This tablet combines Full Spectrum CBD and CBN. CBN is very well known for its powerful effect. There’s nothing else like it on the market.

FluxxLab™ Makes Your Choices Easy

Whether you choose FluxxLab™ CBD with Melatonin or our Regular CBD Tablets you will be getting all of the benefits of the very best CBD there is. When you compare the actual delivered potency you will also find that your FluxxLab™ tablets are also the very best value. Remember, FluxxLab™ is always there and ready to deliver the benefits of CBD with the highest potency available.

Maximum Benefits With CBD And Melatonin

Experienced CBD users are always looking for reasonable prices with high potency. FluxxLab™ CBD with Melatonin is a next-generation CBD that delivers higher potency than any other brand. Our CBD and CBDA tablets are fast becoming the most popular way to take CBD supplements. CBD products combined with Melatonin are the most sought after CBD supplement in the industry.

If You Are New To CBD

FluxxLab™ CBD is a health product designed and delivered with outstanding quality. FluxxLab™ CBD with Melatonin, FluxxLab™ CBD, CBDA, and related products are 100% legal, and completely safe. Our CBD with Melatonin is widely used by school teachers, students, union workers, athletes, medical professionals, and truck drivers. At Fluxxlab’s we are passionate believers that CBD improves our lives and the lives of those we love.

For those people who prefer to avoid THC, or for those who need to be THC-Free, we offer completely THC-Free versions of all our tablets. If you have any concerns or questions, email, or call us. We are always happy to help. All FluxxLab™ products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Adding CBD with Melatonin and CBDA tablets to your daily routine may be the fastest way for you to improve your quality of life.

Where To Start

Melatonin is a very well known supplement, and it is widely used and even prescribed. We choose to incorporate pharmaceutical grade Melatonin for the best and most effective bioavailability. When you use FluxxLab™ CBD with Melatonin you can be confident that our supplements meet the highest standard.

In addition, your FluxxLab™ CBD with Melatonin is fortified with a complete Entourage of CBD ingredients. Our tablets contain 100 milligrams of CBDA, CBD, and a range of other important cannabinoids. There is no other CBD product that compares. Give it a try, we think you will be surprised by the results.

Information that would help you to determine how much CBD is right for you is widely available on the internet, or from your health care professional. FluxxLab™ CBD with Melatonin has the most complete and strongest selection of ingredients that you will find anywhere.

Compared to Tincture Oil or Softgels

FluxxLab™ CBD tablets are superior to tinctures and softgel pills. Tinctures and softgels are usually diluted with oil. FluxxLab™ CBD with Melatonin is a dissolvable tablet, it is more potent, more convenient, and more effective. For this reason, tablets are now more popular than any other type of pill.

What Sort of CBD Should I Take At Night?

FluxxLab™ CBD with Melatonin is a very complete supplement created with people who need an excellent night’s rest in mind. We also add important ingredients like Piperine which is a natural pepper extract known to enhance the effects of key ingredients.

What Can I Do If CBD With Melatonin Isn’t Giving Me The Results That I Am Looking For?

FluxxLab™ Night-Time PLUS adds an important ingredient called CBN to replace the Melatonin and deliver an even stronger effect without the risk of becoming addicted to the effects of Melatonin.

Research regarding the qualities and effectiveness of CBN for night time use is widely available. FluxxLab™ Night-Time PLUS tablets include CBN. If CBD with melatonin is not giving you the results you are looking for, then FluxxLab™ Night-Time PLUS tablets with CBN might be what you need.

How Much CBD Is Enough?

When it comes to night time, taking CBD with Melatonin is a great place to start. Not only do you get the night time benefits of CBD and Melatonin but you are also topping off your regular dose of daily CBD. Remember, the goal is to take CBD regularly so that you are maintaining an adequate level of CBD in your system.

FluxxLab™ CBD with Melatonin gives you a healthy 100 milligrams of rich, broad-spectrum CBD. Aside from the night time benefits, that’s a whopping 100 milligrams towards your daily goal for CBD. FluxxLab™ CBD with Melatonin has a broader full spectrum of CBD than any other product.

While there is not much information on the upper limit of how much CBD is too much, Healthline quotes a 2011 study on the safety and side effects of CBD and has found that continuous use of CBD, even in high doses like 1,500 mg a day, is tolerated well by humans. Experts seem to agree that around 300 milligrams per day should achieve the maximum user benefit under normal circumstances. FluxxLab™ CBD with Melatonin is a great way to increase your daily dose of CBD’s.

Can CBD With Melatonin Be Taken With A Prescription?

If you are concerned with taking this product on top of a prescription you already use, please consult with a physician. FluxxLab™ products are available without a prescription, you can order online and many CBD specialty stores will have it in stock. CBD with Melatonin can be found in softgels, however, it is better if you insist on getting it in tablet form, tablets simply deliver a more effective and stable combination.

Remember that we also carry a night-time plus formula that is enhanced with CBN. If you have the time to do your own research, you may find that the FluxxLab™ Night-Time PLUS with CBN is something that you need to try. Otherwise, you are getting the very best overall CBD and Melatonin formulation when you take FluxxLab™ CBD with Melatonin.

Your FluxxLab™ CBD with Melatonin is always a safe bet. And the FluxxLab™ guarantee will assure you that if you are not completely satisfied you will receive a full refund.

How Do You Measure A CBD Product? Is It The Milligrams?

No, it’s not just the milligrams though the number of milligrams is a good start, you also need to take other factors into account. When you take any CBD you need to know how many of the milligrams will actually be absorbed by your body. There’s no sense in paying for a lot of milligrams if most of them are wasted by your digestive system. This is usually called “bio-availability”. A more bioavailable tablet will save you money and give you more real milligrams that actually benefit you. Be sure that your CBD is properly bio-available, or you may be wasting your money. A really good CBD with Melatonin will do more than just help you to sleep.

If You Need A Higher Dosage CBD

FluxxLab™ CBD with Melatonin Tablets are the perfect choice when you need to consider high dosage CBD. When you find that you need higher potency, FluxxLab™ has all the best options and alternatives. For example, a 50-milligram FluxxLab™ CBD with Melatonin tablet can be equivalent to 200 milligrams of a plain CBD in tincture oil.

Convenience and Accuracy

FluxxLab™ CBD with Melatonin Tablets are always the perfect choice for convenience and accuracy. Unlike tinctures, pills are more precise, and you know exactly what you are getting. Our tablets are fast becoming the most popular way to take Night-Time CBD.

Multiple Modalities

FluxxLab™ CBD with Melatonin Tablets are especially suited for Night-Time. Other FluxxLab™ tablets are better suited to Day-Time or special situations where vitamins or other supplements play an important role. Available in different strengths and modalities. FluxxLab™ pills and tablets are available with a combination of different ingredients to suit your special needs. FluxxLab™ CBD with Melatonin has a broader full spectrum of CBD than any other product.

Natural Sleep-aids

There are literally hundreds of natural products that people use as sleep aids. Finding and offering ways to help people get a good night’s sleep is the world’s second-oldest profession! Sleep aids themselves are not necessarily healthy, they can be habit-forming, and the many side effects can lead to sleep without rest.

The best sleep aids are lifestyle behaviors. Regular exercise, proper diet, and adequate hydration. Sleep is a journey, and the beginning of that journey starts in the mind. Learning how to relax is not as hard as you might think. The best natural sleep remedies are those that you have already found benefit you in your daily life. Learning how the endocannabinoid system regulates your body and your mood can lead you to gain confidence in how CBD’s can be the perfect supplement to start you on your evening journey to a good night’s sleep.

Results that Outperform any Other CBD You’ve Tried

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  1. Stan Markey

    Man, what I wanted was a good night’s rest. What I got was a lot more. This stuff just plain knocks it out of the park. I wasn’t sure, buying from a company I hadn’t heard of before, but I could NOT be happier.

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