Bulk Delta 8 Pills


5,000mg of pure Delta 8 THC. 100 pills per container (50mg per pill). Nano-emulsified for extra high bio-availability.

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Non GMO CBD 100% Pure CBD 100% Natural CBD

100% Percent Gluten Free CBD Lab Tested CBD

Farm Bill Compliant

Setting Benchmarks for CBD Potency
More Effective Than Any Other CBD Product

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100 very high potency Delta 8 pills. Each pill contains 50mg (milligrams) of highly amplified Delta 8 THC. The actual 50mg dose is nano-emulsified so that the effects will be more comparable to a 200mg dose. The effects will take up to 90 minutes to develop and will last for several hours. It is recommended to break pill in half or even a quarter until you are accustomed to the Delta 8.

Results that Outperform any Other CBD You’ve Tried


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