Delta 8 + CBD Tablets


33 milligrams of highly bioavailable THC Delta 8 with CBD per tablet. These premium FluxxLab™ tablets are carefully formulated to deliver you the very best combination of THC Delta 8, CBD, Beta Caryophyllene and other selected terpenes. You will appreciate the unique entourage effect that this very special formulation delivers.

  • Premium CBD with THC Delta 8
  • Bio Enhanced Formula
  • 33 Milligrams, high potency

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30 Tablets

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Non GMO CBD 100% Pure CBD 100% Natural CBD

100% Percent Gluten Free CBD Lab Tested CBD

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Setting Benchmarks for CBD Potency
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About THC Delta 8 with CBD Tablets

Combining CBD and THC Delta 8 is a very good way to moderate the performance and effects of the THC Delta 8, which has a reputation for being somewhat intoxicating.

Tablets are very convenient and they are a great alternative to using tinctures. This combination is also an excellent way to experience the blended cannabinoid experience also known as the entourage effect.

Before buying Products Containing Delta 8

Please review the information below concerning THC Delta 8.

Are Delta 8 and CBD Tablets Right for Me?

If you are looking for a convenient way to experience Delta 8 while also gaining the standard benefits of CBD these tablets might be the right choice for you. Our premium CBD is bio enhanced and is carefully formulated so that it doesn’t overwhelm the combination.

Highly Bioavailable

Your FluxxLab™ Delta 8 THC pills won’t be the same as anything you can find elsewhere. Our Delta 8 pills have also been adapted with high bioavailability compression. This means that less of the valuable ingredients are lost in your digestive system, and more are absorbed where they can benefit you the most.

FluxxLab™ increases your benefits by increasing the bioavailability in your FluxxLab™ CBN tablet.

Beta Caryophyllene and Selected Terpenes

We blend Beta Caryophyllene with selected natural terpenes so that your FluxxLab™ tablets will always be potent and pure.

About Delta 8 THC

Delta 8 THC has special properties not found in other cannabinoids that may affect different people differently. We don’t know what will work best for you. Depending on how much you consume, and how you take it can be a little intoxicating.

Delta 8 is regulated in some states, but it is legal under federal law.
(See below for further details).

Taking Tablets vs Taking Tinctures

If you are accustomed to taking CBD’s then you are familiar with tinctures. While tinctures can be very effective tablets offer several advantages.

FluxxLab™ tablets have been formulated to be more bioavailable than standard tinctures. Tablets are also more precise. With tablets it is easier to regulate how much CBD you are getting, and how much you have left in the bottle. Tablets are easier to administer, easier to carry around and they are more discreet.

The FluxxLab™  tablets contain a fairly high dose of 16.5 milligrams of Delta 8 plus 16.6 milligrams of CBD this is a very potent combination. The tablets are made so that you can break them into two halves for smaller dosing, or so that you can divide your tablet between morning an evening. In that way 30 tablets can easily last you for a month.

How can FluxxLab™ Help You?

This is a very specialized CBD supplement. FluxxLab™ has the specialized knowledge to blend these ingredients expertly, and you can always depend on FluxxLab™’s quality and product purity. If you have questions please feel free to contact us. We answer phones from 8:30 am until 5:00 pm Mountain Time, and we are always happy to speak with you. You can also email us at . We promise to serve you promptly. Thank you for your business.

Product Details, Delta 8 + CBD Tablets
2 oz bottle/container with screw cap top and safety seal
30 tablets per bottle
1 tablet equals one dose
Active Ingredients in these Delta 8 + CBD Tablets
16.5 milligrams Delta 8
16.5 milligrams CBD per tablet
Natural Terpenes and minor cannabinoids

Is there THC in these Tablets?

These pills do not contain THC Delta 9.

Recommended Directions

Consult a qualified medical professional before using CBN tablets or any other cannabinoid. Take 1/2 of this  tablet twice a day, or 1 tablet daily. Increase or decrease the number of doses based on your preference.

Best Practice for Maximum effectiveness

It is not necessary to take your tablet with food, but if you are accustomed to taking tablets with food there is no reason not to.

Storage of CBN Pills

Keep the CBN Tablet bottle cap firmly secure. Store at room temperature, or in refrigeration.

Options to CBN Pills

FluxxLab™ CBN tablets are very carefully prepared in order to deliver you the highest quality. FluxxLab™ also provides you with different ways to take Delta 8 + CBD including high potency tinctures and vapes. Call customer Service (970) 919-1223 or check website for more details.

Results that Outperform any Other CBD You’ve Tried


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