Delta 8 THC + CBN Tincture


This CBN and Delta 8 THC combination Tincture provides a unique experience. When combined with our very popular Beta Caryophyllene and other natural terpenes, nothing else compares to this potent combination.

The CBN and Beta Caryophyllene help moderate the Delta 8 THC. Recommended only for low intensity, relaxing activities. Coming in 3 strength levels, this bio enhanced combination of CBN and THC Delta 8 is your absolute best choice for quick and powerful effects. Fluxxlabs Finest, unmatched in strength and quality.

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300mg, 600mg, 1200mg



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About CBN combined with Delta 8 THC

You might call this a marriage made in heaven! Delta 8 THC and CBN each have a similar mission. They are both rare and distinctive cannabinoids; the overall effect in combining these two has often described as unique.

Is CBN and Delta 8 THC Right for me?

If you are doing your research, you will find that Delta 8 THC and CBN is a unique combination. Delta 8 THC can be somewhat intoxicating (see more information below). Available in three potency levels, be careful how and when you use it.

Highly Bioavailable

Your FluxxLab™ CBN and Delta 8 tincture won’t be the same as what you can find elsewhere. Our tincture oil is adapted with high bioavailability compression making it more effective than other standard oil-based tinctures—Delivering a faster, more portent effect that you can feel.

BetaCaryophyllene and selected Terpenes

Your FluxxLab™ Delta 8 THC+CBN tincture also has the benefit of added Beta-Caryophyllene and other trial selected terpenes. The combination of terpenes and CBN is a significant natural enhancement to the overall entourage effect of CBD.

About Delta 8 THC

If you have done your research, you have already learned that Delta 8 THC has many of its properties distinctive from other cannabinoids. Delta 8 THC is restricted in some states, but legal under federal law. (See below for further details).
One thing to keep in mind is that Delta 8 THC can be mildly intoxicating, depending on how much Delta 8 THC you consume, and how you take it. Delta 8 THC can give you its own unique high. (See below for further details).

How can FluxxLab™ Help You?

FluxxLab™ is based in the vital hemp growing region of Western Colorado. Hemp and hemp processing is our passion. Our goal is to provide you with hemp supplements that actually make an important difference in your life.
We work every day to refine and improve what we do. You can always feel free to call us (we actually answer our own phones !). So don’t hesitate to try our products, we offer a Satisfaction Guarantee to every customer. Especially you!

Product Details for Delta 8 THC with CBN

30ml, 1 oz Apothecary bottle
1ml apothecary dropper dispenser
There are 30 1ml doses in one bottle
One dose equals 1ml (one dropper full)


Delta 8 THC & Broad-spectrum CBN extract
300 mg (5mg THC Delta 8, 5mg CBN), 600 mg (10mg THC Delta 8, 10mg CBN), 1200 mg (20mg THC Delta 8, 20mg CBN)
Natural Terpenes and minor cannabinoids
Natural Grape Seed Oil


This Delta 8 THC and CBN product does not contain Delta 9 THC

Recommended Directions for Delta 8 THC with CBN

Consult a doctor before using Delta 8 THC oil, CBN oil, or any other cannabinoid.
Full Dropper contains 1ml of Delta 8 THC & CBN Oil.
There are 30 droppers full in one bottle.
The suggested dose is 1/2 dropper two times daily
Increase or decrease the number of treatments based on your preference.

Best Practice for Maximum effectiveness using Delta 8 THC with CBN

Dispense the Delta 8 THC and CBN tincture liquid under the tongue and try to hold the liquid in your mouth for 30-45 seconds. You will find that your mouth responds to the Delta 8 THC and CBN by creating saliva, this is good. Swish it around several times and then swallow. It may take up to one hour for the effects of the Delta 8 THC and CBN oil to take effect. We recommend that you do not increase your dosage above the recommended level unless you have previous experience with this particular Delta 8 THC and CBN tincture combination.


Keep the bottle cap on your Delta 8 THC with CBN firmly secure. Store your Delta 8 THC with CBN at room temperature or in refrigeration. It can also be carried in a pocket, pouch, or purse.


This Delta 8 with CBN tincture is a popular and important cannabinoid. FluxxLab™ CBN is prepared to deliver you the highest quality.

FluxxLab™ also provides you with different ways to take Delta 8 THC with CBN, including high potency tablets and vape. Please call Customer Service (970) 919-1223 for any questions about our product line.

Results that Outperform any Other CBD You’ve Tried


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