How do you vape or dab your CBD? With so many alternative ways of consuming the compound, which is the best one? This article will answer all your questions relating to vaping and dabbing.

Is vaping and dabbing CBD safe?

CBD, or cannabidiolic acid, is a non-addictive compound that is neither hallucinogenic nor psychedelic. Importantly, there is no overdose risk with CBD. If users take too much, the most probable side-effect will be drowsiness. Hence, CBD is safe for vaping and dabbing.

There are various specialized vaping and dabbing products in the market. In the case of vaping, there are specific vaping pens that can be filled with CBD. As for dabbing, you usually need a dab rig to heat the CBD and inhale the vapors.

There are many vaping and dabbing options that are both safe and practical. Depending on your personal preference, vaping or dabbing can become an effective way of enjoying CBD.

What are the benefits of vaping?

Compared to other means of consumption, vaping has some distinct advantages, including increased bioavailability and efficiency.

Vaping has a higher absorption rate.

A vaporizer pen is a great way to take CBD because of its absorption rateA major asset of vaping is that it is more bioavailable to the body.
No matter how we consume CBD, it needs to bypass several barriers to reach the bloodstream. In the case of tincture and other ingestibles, the digestive system breaks down the CBD before allowing it to reach the bloodstream. Bioavailability (absorption rate) for CBD edibles is around 20%.

Similarly, in the case of topical creams, the skin is an important barrier stopping intruders from coming into our bodies. In many cases, it stops most of the active ingredients from entering. However, inhaled CBD reaches the bloodstream through the capillary tissue in the lungs. Therefore, it enters the bloodstream rapidly while retaining most of its potency. Vaping has a bioavailability (absorption rate) of up to 90%.

Vaping is discreet

Vaping CBD is discreet and 100% legal. With a vaping pen, a user can consume CBD without being particularly noticed. It’s also easy to use and transport. Importantly, vaping does not leave any lingering scent or smoke. There are no unpleasant odors associated with its consumption, which is crucial if vaping with people around.

How do I vape CBD?

The most convenient way to vape is with a pen. There are several types to choose from.

Disposable pens

Disposable pens are small e-cig pens pre-filled with CBD juice.
They are powered by a battery that heats the compound. When the liquid contents run out, the pen can be thrown away. This is the best way of exploring the world of vaping CBD and deciding if it is a method that suits your needs.

However, the user has little choice in the type of juice they choose, since the pen is pre-filled. For those who want more control over the CBD they consume, disposable CBD pens can be restrictive.

CBD oil cartridges

If you wish to choose the CBD you will consume, you can use a 510 thread vape pen.
A 510 thread vape pen is similar to the disposable one. However, you can use the pen repeatedly and only throw away the CBD oil cartridge when it empties. You can then buy a new cartridge, which you insert into the pen. Like disposable ones, threaded pens work with a battery, but in this case it is rechargeable and more eco friendly.

The benefit of this method is that users have more control over the quality of the CBD they are consuming, since they get to choose the cartridge independently of the battery.

Refillable CBD vape pens

The most flexible—and economic—vaping method is the refillable vape pen.
In this case, the pen is fitted with a refillable cartridge. Users can buy a CBD juice of their choice and refill the cartridge using a syringe. Refillable CBD vape pens are the most flexible way to vape because they give users plenty of choices on products. They also tend to be more economical and environment-friendly, as you don’t need to throw away the oil cartridge every time.

How do I dab CBD?

Dabbing CBD ShatterDabbing CBD has similar benefits to vaping.
The user warms up the concentrate using a set of specific tools and then inhales the vapor. Again, the effect is immediate, since the vapor reaches the lung capillaries and enters the bloodstream.

What are the benefits and limitations of dabbing?

Like vaping, dabbing also offers increased bioavailability in the body, since the vapor enters the bloodstream through the lungs. People needing an immediate CBD boost prefer dabbing for its rapid effect.

Benefits of dabbing your CBD

In the case of dabbing, the user has a wider choice of products such as wax, budder, and shatter. They can choose from various qualities and aromas. Moreover, dabbing CBD allows the terpenes to unwind their aromas, making the whole experience more pleasurable.

Dabbing offers users flexibility and the opportunity to experiment with the CBD product format that suits their taste and preference. Also, dabbing is often more effective than vaping, as vape oils are blended with several ingredients to create a liquid substance, thus diluting the effectiveness somewhat. However, some CBD vaping products contain no fillers or unnatural additives for a higher purity and potency. Read your labels carefully to make sure you are buying a 100% pure vape cartridge.

However, a dab rig is unwieldy and can be a cumbersome way of consumption.

Dab rigs

Girl using a Dab Rig for CBD concentrateA dab rig is a device typically made up of a water pipe, a dome, a blowtorch (if the rig doesn’t use an electric nail), and a dab tool.

First, you use the handheld blowtorch to heat up the bowl. You then use a dab tool to place a small amount of CBD extract inside the nail. The heat will instantly vaporize the substance, and you inhale the vapor. Obviously, this is a complicated way of consuming CBD that is hardly discreet. It is best done at home or in a private space.

The dab pen or wax pen

The complexities involved with dab rigs have given birth to the dab pen.
Dab pens function like a standard vape pen, only they work with non-liquid substances. To create the vapor, you place a small amount of CBD concentrate on the dab pen’s coils. The pen heats up the substance, releasing the vapor. You can then inhale the vapor through a mouthpiece. This combines the benefits of dabbing CBD with the ease-of-use offered by vaping. However, the process is still more complicated than using an oil cartridge.

Choosing the right concentrate to dab

There are various products specifically developed for dabbing. Here at FluxxLab, we offer CBDA shatter and CBDA budder to give you plenty of choices when it comes to dabbing concentrates.

As the name suggests, CBDA shatter looks like glass shards and shatters when broken.
CBDA budder has a smoother, butter-like consistency and is often called CBD wax.

These variations give different flavors and aromas to CBDA when inhaled. The user can choose whichever CBDA format they prefer, depending on their tastes and product consistency preferences.

Tips for vaping and dabbing

CBDA Cartridge next to a Hemp Leaf FlowerWhichever method you choose, here are some tips to help you get the most out of the experience.

Only vape or dab products developed for these purposes

Vaping and dabbing should only be done with the appropriate products.
Dabbing or vaping CBD oil designed for oral consumption or tinctures is not just careless but also incredibly risky: these products are not meant to be heated. They often contain substances that are dangerous to your health when inhaled. Vaping or dabbing products that are not meant for this particular purpose can damage your lungs!

Choose clean and pure products from reputable producers

This is a product that will enter your body. Do you really want to risk getting toxins straight into your lungs? That’s why, the cleaner and purer the product, the safer it is.

Here at FluxxLab, we pride ourselves on our extensive research lab and the rigorous testing we do on all our products throughout the production process. We utilize CBDA and natural hemp terpenes so we can deliver a 100% pure product to the end user. The entourage effect can be felt immediately even with no THC.

We also test our products in third-party testing labs, to make sure our products are both pure and potent. Our results are made available online to ensure maximum transparency.

Choosing vaping vs. dabbing is largely a matter of personal preference. Either way, vaping or dabbing is the fastest, most efficient way of consuming CBD. It offers the highest bioavailability compared to all other methods of consumption.

Depending on your preferences and habits, you can choose from various methods and products. Whatever your preferences, only choose products from reputable and trustworthy U.S. producers.