Assuming that you have already determined that CBD is for you.  Then the next question is “How do you get the most benefit?” or “Which CBD is going to work best for you?”.

The Good, Better, Best of CBD means that all of your options are good.  It’s just that some are better, maybe a LOT better.

Regular CBD in small doses supports your body’s endocannabinoid system, but if you are looking for a bigger boost you will need to switch to CBDa which is far more potent.

By far the best and most effective is when your CBD, or CBDa has been formulated as a nano emulsion.  The reason why nano emulsions are better is very simple. Your pre-emulsified CBD or CBDa is five times more bioavailable. It’s more for less, a LOT more.

The very real benefits of CBD are worth the trouble to take your CBD in the right way.  The best way is not just more effective, it is also more economical.

Scientists are constantly developing new CBDa products with better absorption and bioavailability. Nano-emulsions can help consumers get the most out of CBDa.

Here at FluxxLab, we are particularly proud of our CBDa nano-emulsion. Making an emulsion looks simple enough—you just mix the ingredients together. However, a whole lot of innovation and technological advances were necessary to create an efficient CBDa administration technique.

Nano-emulsions combine CBDa’s higher bioavailability with the excellent absorption of a nano-emulsion. This novel way of taking CBDa means that consumers can enjoy the benefits of CBDa immediately and directly.

How is CBDa normally consumed and absorbed?

The most common ways of taking CBDa are by digesting it, applying it locally on the skin, vaping it, or taking it sublingually.

When we take CBDa orally, the CBDa enters the digestive system. Enzymes there break it down before it enters the bloodstream. This means that a significant percentage of the initial CBDa is lost. In this case, bioavailability is around 20%, which means that if someone takes 30 mg of CBDa, only 6 mg will actually reach the bloodstream.

Another way of using CBDa is by applying it as a topical cream or a lotion. However, the skin forms a formidable barrier, protecting our whole body from intruders. The bioavailability of CBDa as a topical cream is low because a large percentage of the CBDa is stopped by the skin’s seven layers.

Vaping CBDa is a good way of consuming CBDa with a high bioavailability of almost 90%. CBDa enters the lung capillaries and immediately reaches the bloodstream. However, not everyone enjoys vaping.

Finally, taking CBDa sublingually—i.e. by placing a few drops under your tongue—also offers good bioavailability because the CBDa fully bypasses the digestive system and enters the bloodstream through the capillaries under the tongue.

Now the most effective way of consuming CBDa is available: taking it as a nano-emulsion.

Is CBDa water soluble?

By nature, CBD and CBDa are hydrophobic, which literally means they do not like water. All cannabinoids are, by nature, oil. And, as everyone knows, oil and water don’t mix.

This is a problem when we wish to administer CBDa to the human body, as up to 60% of our body is made of water. The human body loves water and absorbs water-soluble substances faster and better.

When oil-based substances enter the body, it is harder for them to get assimilated and absorbed. An important portion of their beneficial effects is lost because our water-based body cannot absorb them effectively.

Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries have managed to bypass this problem by incorporating their ingredients, substances or compounds in nano-emulsions. Their aim was to help the delivery of pharmaceutical ingredients to the body with the assistance of a targeted and fast medium.

Now, it is the CBDa industry that is benefiting from this discovery to make its products more bioavailable and efficient.

What is a nano-emulsion?

A nano-emulsion, has two important features, as its name describes: a small size (as defined by nano, which literally means ‘dwarf’) and an emulsion (which is a mixture of two substances that do not usually mix together).

How small is nano?

The CBDa droplets within a nano-emulsion can be as small as 200 nanometers—or 500 times smaller than a human hair.

We have two reasons to make them so small. One, because this makes it easier to slip through our skin—the so-called skin barrier.

And two, because this lets us encapsulate them in water, therefore making them more readily available to our bodies.

What is an emulsion?

Emulsions are mixtures of two substances or compounds that do not naturally mix—for example, water and oil. Such substances are called immiscible.

Laboratories mix two immiscible substances together by creating emulsions. The emulsions let them put the oily substance in the middle and completely cover it with the water substance. This mixture is done on a microscopic level, creating nano-compounds.

As the emulsion enters the body, the body recognizes the outer shell of water and absorbs it. However, by doing so, it also takes in the oil substance as well, consuming it immediately.

What is the difference between a nano-emulsion and a micro-emulsion?

Micro-emulsions and nano-emulsions are similar because they are both mixtures of two immiscible substances. Both require the use of surfactants—compounds that ease the tension between two different substances (in this case, oil and water).

Surfactants serve as emulsifiers in emulsions. They also offer increased stability to the emulsion.

Without getting too technical, one difference between a CBDa nano-emulsion and a micro-emulsion is that the nano-emulsion requires fewer surfactants. This makes a CBDa nano-emulsion purer and less invasive to the human body.

Nano Emulsion Particles in CBD Drink Additive

What are the benefits of a CBDa nano-emulsion?

With so many alternative ways of consuming CBDa, you may wonder why it was necessary to come up with a nano-emulsion, especially when developing one is so technologically challenging.

The short answer is that CBDa nano-emulsions offer several advantages, including higher stability and increased bioavailability.

A CBDa nano-emulsion enhances oral bioavailability

Taking CBDa orally only has limited bioavailability. The CBDa enters the digestive system where it is broken down by enzymes. By the time it reaches the bloodstream, the CBDa has lost some of its potency.

CBDa nano-emulsions improve the bioavailability by ‘tricking’ the body into absorbing the emulsion. Since the CBDa molecules are covered in an outer shell made of water, the human body mistakes them for water. In scientific terms, our skin identifies the compound as hydrophilic, as opposed to hydrophobic.

Since CBDa is by nature more bioavailable than CBD, a CBDa nano-emulsion displays remarkably improved bioavailability.

A CBDa nano-emulsion is water-compatible

CBDa nano-emulsions are water-compatible, making them easy to mix in beverages. This makes for a discreet and easy way of consumption. People can simply mix them into their everyday beverages, without the CBDa losing any of its potency.

A CBDa nano-emulsion is easier to dose and requires lower doses

A CBDa nano-emulsion is easy to dose: this makes people’s life easier and less complicated.

More importantly, due to its high potency and higher bioavailability, a CBDa nano-emulsion requires lower doses to achieve the expected effect.

A CBDa nano-emulsion offers faster onset of benefits

As the CBDa enters the body in a nano-emulsion form, it is easily absorbed into the bloodstream. This allows for the faster onset of the effects of CBDa, sometimes in mere minutes. This is particularly helpful in the case of acute pain or panic attacks when the sufferer desperately needs quick relief.

A CBDa nano-emulsion is stable

Due to their consistency, CBDa nano-emulsions are stable and not prone to CBDa degradation or oxidation. The CBDa within the nano-emulsion remains steady over time and its potency is assured.

What are the benefits of CBDa nano-emulsions?

CBDa nano-emulsions are a novel and particularly effective way of consuming CBDa.

They offer higher bioavailability of CBDa in the body, higher potency, and lower required doses.

Furthermore, CBDa nano-emulsions are a discreet and easy way to enjoy CBDa. This makes them perfect for everyday consumption.

We elevate your quality of life by making it better and easier!

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