It’s been a long day, and you’re ready to kick back, relax, and enjoy the evening. You reach for your stash of Delta-8 THC capsules to share with friends or use on your own.

However, you find yourself empty-handed. Fret not! We made this guide to help you find where to buy Delta-8 Pills.

The best ones can be hard to find around town, so best stick around if you want your money’s worth!


What is Delta 8 THC?

Delta-8 THC is a cannabinoid found in cannabis and hemp. It is the second most common form of THC and the fastest-acting form of it. Just like its more famous counterpart – the high-inducing delta-9 THC (or THC) – it’s psychoactive and can induce “highs.” 

While not as strong as THC itself, delta-8 is still quite potent. It’s about three times stronger than delta-13 THC. It also affects the body differently and has unique health benefits of its own.


How does it work

As with other THC cannabinoids, delta-8 can bind to the CB1 and CB2 receptors distributed throughout the central nervous system and the human body.

These two receptors belong to a larger group known as the endocannabinoid system. This system is involved in various physiological processes, including pain sensation, appetite, memory, mood, and more.

Once binding occurs, THC activates a series of chemical pathways in our brain. We translate this as the “high” we get from smoking a joint. Psychoactive effects include feelings of relaxation, euphoria, and just general bliss.

Other drugs that bind to the CB1 receptor include marijuana, hashish, and synthetic cannabinoids such as dronabinol (or Marinol) and nabilone (or Cesamet).


Uses of Delta-8

Delta-cannabinoids are particularly effective in relieving pain, inflammation, and mental disorders. They also help to stimulate appetite for patients who cannot eat or have lost their desire to do so because of illness.

Delta-8 THC can be consumed in a variety of ways, but the most popular ones include:


  • smoking from fresh flowers
  • dosing through a concentrated form (e.g., pills, tincture)
  • consumed as edibles
  • inhaled through the nose (intrapulmonary)
  • injected into soft tissue (intravenous) or muscle (intramuscular)


Clinical studies suggest that THC users experience relief from nausea and vomiting, which often comes with chemotherapy at higher doses than normal. This implies that these pills can be safely taken alongside chemo drugs without experiencing any harmful interaction.


What are Delta 8 THC Pills?

Delta 8 THC capsules are cannabis-infused capsules that contain delta-8-THC, usually in a lab-approved form known as dronabinol. They should not be confused with THC or TCH pills, both of which contain delta-9. 

These mildly psychoactive pills essentially contain the synthetic version of the active ingredient in marijuana. As such, they’re often used as alternatives for patients who react poorly to THC; or need something with the same chemical structure but not as psychoactive.

Despite claims that it’s less high-inducing than its popular sister, delta-8 capsules will still grant users the full THC experience. The duration lasts shorter, though.

It’s still a win for those who use THC pills for recreational purposes. Additionally, people who take delta-8 soft gels will experience many of the same effects as those who smoke weed.


How are Delta-8 THC Pills made?

Delta 8 THC pills are made by mixing the active ingredient of marijuana, delta-8-THC, with aspirin and corn starch. The components are then also mixed with gelatin powder to help create a variety of colours. Delta 8 THC pills can be manufactured with a precise amount of delta-8-THC per dosage, but this isn’t regulated.

These pills are typically made with one part synthetic dronabinol (delta-8-THC) to five parts powdered aspirin, corn starch, gelatin powder for colours, polymethyl. Numbers vary slightly depending on the manufacturer.


How are they different from regular weed?

Delta-THC capsules have a wide range of dosage amounts, so you may need to consult your healthcare provider or pharmacist before taking them if needed.

The main difference is the length of time it lasts, where delta-cannabinoids take 30 minutes to an hour or more to start working but provide a shorter duration than smoking weed which you feel immediately after inhalation. Additionally, since this drug has few psychoactive effects in most users, there is no risk for getting high when taking them regularly as prescribed by your doctor.

It’ll typically take between 40 minutes and two hours after oral administration to feel its effects though this will depend on what kind of food was eaten during the day.

People who smoke marijuana have also reported similar times when smoking cannabis compared to using these orally ingested drugs. The slow-release is due to how Delta-THC gets broken down by the liver after it’s ingested.

Aside from pills, you may find delta-8 infused into the oral spray and lozenges (hard candies). You also might stumble upon products that contain other cannabinoids included. We’re not privy to each one, so we can’t prepare you for what to expect.


What are the benefits of Delta-8 THC Soft Gels?

As the cannabis plant continues to grow in popularity in the medical field, we’re beginning to realize the many positive effects THC can bring to our lives. New studies continue to prove the effectiveness of delta-8 THC in treating many of life’s ills.


It eliminates the need to smoke

While delta-cannabinoids work just like normal cannabinoids, these pill forms come without many of the risks that accompany smoking medicinal amounts of marijuana, including carcinogens delivered by burning and tar.


Less psychoactive than other options for medical patients

One downside to traditional marijuana is that many users report feeling paranoia and anxiety after using it, which wouldn’t be a good fit for people who have mental health disorders or are going through a particularly stressful time.

Delta-THC soft gels are said to be less psychoactive than other cannabis options, making them much more tolerable for those sensitive to THC.

They can be used to calm down patients who suffer from anxiety. The positive effect on your mood is worth the try.


Get a better high better than alcohol.

When you’re looking to go on a night out and want to spend less money, you might want to consider taking a pill or two. Trust us: you’ll save your belly while also saving big bucks.

Delta 8 THC pills will provide a similar effect as alcohol and keep your body buzzed without the expensive side effects of drinking too much. When using these pills, it’s important to know your limits, so you don’t overdo it and become unproductive at work or school the following day.


Helps counteract nausea

Through oral ingestion, delta-8 soft gels can help deal with dizziness and nausea. It’s particularly useful for patients undergoing intensive cancer treatment like chemotherapy, where the drugs can cause severe vomiting afterward.


It helps you get better sleep.

People who are using delta-8 THC for medical reasons have reported improvements in their sleep. Delta-THC is also thought to help slow down the release of melatonin in your brain. It is not surprising that anyone who has trouble sleeping would also want to try taking these pills.

Our recommendation: take a capsule before bedtime. You’ll fall asleep in no time.


Alleviate chronic pain

This drug is also used for treating chronic pain and muscle spasms and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). It’s also been shown to be effective against gastrointestinal disorders such as Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis symptoms, or in cases where a person with epilepsy has seizures that aren’t being well controlled by other medications.


Stimulates appetite for patients who cannot eat or have a low appetite

Another great thing about these pills is that they can help people regain their appetite. Hunger may seem like an annoyance to most of us. But for many who suffer from chronic illness, it’s an important driver to consume food and nutrients for better recovery. 


Can they replace prescription medications?

No, and yes. While they might help alleviate some conditions, there are many things they can’t treat that medication prescribed by a doctor can.


Seek doctor’s advice

Delta-8 THC pills are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent all kinds of conditions. If used unwisely, they may put you in harm’s way. Concentrated forms of THC can significantly affect blood pressure, heart rate, and eye pressure.

Consult a physician before introducing these pills into your life — especially if you suffer from a serious medical condition. Your doctor should guide you as you begin your intake.


What are the potential side effects?

The most common side effect you might experience when taking these drugs include:


  • tiredness or fatigue, which may last for up to 24 hours after ingestion
  • impaired motor skills
  • reduced reaction time
  • feeling disoriented, dizzy, confused
  • mild-to-strong anxiety
  • increased heart rate or heart palpitations
  • increased blood pressure
  • dry mouth (cottonmouth)
  • bloodshot, red eyes


Reduced coordination is another common effect if you have a high dose of delta eight cannabis. This increases the risk for accidents behind the wheel or at work. We highly advise against taking these before operating any heavy machinery.

It’s also very possible to become paranoid after consuming these types of pills. If it’s your first time, use them carefully with friends who won’t judge you harshly for being intoxicated without meaning to.


Don’t take before a drug test.

Delta-8 THC pills should not be consumed before or during a drug test, particularly in states where hemp use is not legal. The THC in these capsules is detectable by common urinalysis, and the fluid will show positive on a substance abuse test for delta-8 THC.


Not advised for pregnant or nursing mothers

Delta-8 THC pills are not advised for pregnant or nursing mothers. Hemp use – be it any form – can cause problems during pregnancy.

Some studies also suggest that cannabinoids can stay in breastmilk for a significant period after consumption. While the current data is conflicting, you’re still better off safer than sorry. 


Our Choice: The Top 3 Delta-8 Tablets


  1. Delta 8 THC Tablet – Best Delta 8 THC High
  2. Delta 8 + CBD Tablet – Best Cannabinoid Experience
  3. Delta 8 THC + CBN Tablet – Highest Bioavailability


What are the Best Delta-8 Capsules to Buy?

The benefits of Delta-8 THC pills are worth the investment. We’ve compiled some of the best deals and compiled a comprehensive list of the best delta-8 THC capsules on the market.

If you’re looking for a high, that’s similar to smoking weed, and then it might be time to try out these capsules now!


Delta 8 THC Tablet

Delve into the rich and potent world of THC Delta 8 tablets. These quality goods let you experience a whole new level of peace and focus. It’s like living in the tranquil eye of a storm and getting everything done with twice as much zing!

Start your day with an uplifting and warm energy that never stalls or fades. You’ll feel refreshed at any hour —you might even be proud to call it “Delta Energy.”

Of course, if busyness is an issue for you, these medical-grade products can help with multitasking, such as heavy lifting. This premium release features an exclusive FluxxLab® enhanced bio formula for better absorption with no harsh side effects — not even cottonmouth!

These capsules are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure existing medical conditions. A doctor’s advice should be sought before using them to treat a condition or disease.




  • 33mg THC Delta 8 per tablet
  • Beta-caryophyllene and other natural terpenes
  • Other minor cannabinoids, including CBG, CBV, and CBC


Delta 8 + CBD Tablets

For a lot of hemp users, choosing between cannabinoids can be a serious ordeal. And maybe you’re stuck in a rut too?

When you want to achieve a mellow mood but at the same time feel a sensational high, then this is your pill. Each bottle ropes together all-natural cannabinoids as they bring out the beta-caryophyllene in weed’s natural terpenes.

It’s a great supplemental dietary product. With very little else on hand, we found that more than one of these will give you the hours-on-end worth of relaxation —but only if that’s what you’re looking for! The high potency makes more than just an impression: it leaves a lasting effect with WOW reactions guaranteed.

These capsules provide relief to even the most stubborn of chronic pains. We recommend this for those looking for the best of both worlds. You won’t regret the purchase at all!


Product Details:


  • Each bottle contains 30 capsules
  • 16.5mg Delta-8 THC and 16.5mg broad-spectrum CBD extract per tablet (1:1) per bottle
  • One tablet equals one dose
  • All-natural terpenes and other minor cannabinoids
  • Free from artificial colours and flavours


Delta 8 THC + CBN Tablet

This potent combination of CBN and THC Delta 8 is your absolute best choice for sleeping quickly and calling it a day. This psychoactive combo is designed to be subtle and perfect for the novice user looking to treat pain without feeling too much bodily discomfort.

A unique combo that will leave at bliss. These CBN + Delta 8 capsules take full advantage of FluxxLab™ bio-enhancement with increased absorption for an even more potent weed experience.


Product Details:


  • Each bottle contains 30 capsules
  • 16.5mg Delta-8 THC and 16.5mg CBN per tablet (1:1) per bottle
  • One tablet equals one dose
  • Includes beta-caryophyllene and other natural terpenes
  • Other minor cannabinoids including CBG, CBV, CBC
  • Free from artificial colours and flavours


Delta-8 THC Capsules: How to Take Them For the Best High

When trying delta-8 capsules, the effects can vary from person to person and depend on factors like body weight and sensitivity and tolerance levels.


How many pills should I take?

Just as with any marijuana product, you’ll want to start slow and build your way up. This allows you to get the good stuff without overdosing.

A good rule of thumb is to take one capsule at a time. You’ll want to wait 1-2 hours before taking another one. That’s usually the time frame for the effects to start kicking in.

As for specifics, the bottle will give you a concise rundown of potency. Follow the label instructions and dosing guidelines, and you should be good to go.

For the best delta eight capsules we’ve listed above, you should follow these dosage guidelines:


  • Take one tablet or a half tablet daily, depending on the effectiveness of the dose
  • You may adjust the number of doses to strengthen or weaken the potency
  • It should take an hour or so for you to feel the effects of these capsules. As such, we advise against multiple doses in less than 12 hours.
  • You may opt not to eat food before taking these capsules.


Delta-8 THC Soft Gel Capsules: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Are they addictive?

Delta-cannabinoids are not physically addicting when taken orally. That being said, some people can become dependent on them (just as with any drug).


Are they legal?

Yes. Persons of legal age can take these pills without repercussions. Taking delta-8 THC capsules is legal in most parts of the U.S based on federal law and most state laws.

For good measure, we still recommend that you check local laws and regulations to see if they’re good for us. In most countries worldwide, you’ll need to visit your physician first before getting access to these drugs.

Remember, you take full responsibility for the drugs you consume. Dose wisely.


Are they safe to consume?

Yes, they generally are. Delta-cannabinoids have been shown safe even at higher dosages. There are no serious side effects when taken under proper care and supervision of a medical professional.

For those that do have medical conditions, it can get risky. Pregnant and nursing mothers should not be taking these soft gels. These capsules should not be used to treat, cure, or prevent serious medical conditions unless otherwise recommended by a doctor.

It’s important to note that while delta-8 is safe, it remains an unregulated product. There currently isn’t a legitimate way to have them evaluated and approved by the FDA.


Where to Buy Delta-8 THC Pills Online

Finding delta-8 capsules can be a real pain. You can never be sure if the products sold online are legit or not. You don’t want to risk product quality on some fly-by-night operations.

We at FluxxLab™ make sure that every one of our clients is happy with our products and services. We guarantee 100% quality and satisfaction with every purchase we process. Confident, no?

That’s because we offer the highest-quality THC-based products like capsules, tinctures, and concentrates. We combine old-school practices with new technology to extract the greatest value from our organically-grown hemp.


Why Choose FluxxLab™

At FluxxLab™, we never settle for anything that’s already been done. We want our customers to enjoy a unique experience with our premium Delta 8 Products.

With every purchase you make, we guarantee you’re getting the highest potency and concentrations out there. We also have individual solutions too, so no one’s left behind.

Our specialized development knowledge has allowed us to develop hemp products with uncontested bioavailability. Each cannabinoid is carefully bio-enhanced by our in-house cannabis experts to deliver the results you deserve. Get top-quality Delta 8 Products today and experience an uncompromising blend of THC-8, CBD, and all-natural terpenes.


Final Thoughts

Capsules may be the next big thing when it comes to cannabis delivery methods. Come to think of it: they’re great for just about everyone. They allow people to experience the full benefits of cannabis without smoking, vaping, or eating it.

With these pills, you get relief from pain, anxiety, and more in an hour or two. And they don’t come with the usual (and harsh) side effects like fresh flowers do.

Discreet, effective, efficient. That’s three birds in one stone. If you need something more effective than your current medication, give these soft gels a try! You won’t regret it.

As always, we encourage anyone looking for better solutions to reach out. You can even ask us questions about where to buy delta eight pills. Contact us at 970-497-3474, and we’ll gladly assist you!