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The ultimate Delta 8 experience. Breathable nano powder. Very rapid onset with none of the negative side effects of vape.

Dry Powder inhalers are now the number one method used by the Pharma industry for rapid and clean pulmonary delivery of drugs and medication.

This dry powder inhaler is the best and most effective way to experience Delta 8. Pure, clean and very fast acting.

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Setting Benchmarks for Delta 8 THC Potency
More Effective Than Any Other Delta 8 Product

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The Many Benefits of Dry Powder Inhalation

Immediate Onset

Fast and clean absorption. The user will experience the effects in less than a minute.


Smokable products can contain harmful toxins and carcinogens. With dry powder inhalation, users avoid all the concerns associated with smoking.


No smoke or vapor, your Dry Powder Inhaler can be used everywhere without restriction. Small, odorless, and smokeless.

Precise Dosing

Your Dry Powder Inhaler uses powder capsules. This means that you get a precisely measured dose each time that you use your Dry Powder Inhaler.

Proven Pharma Technology

The pharmaceutical industry has utilized breathable inhalers as a means for pulmonary drug delivery with long proven results. Particles are inhaled, then absorbed by the pulmonary system and immediately introduced into the circulatory system. Users can experience benefits in less than a minute.

Exact Dosing

We offer two dose sizes. For the average user 5 milligrams is the most popular. Since the effects of a single dose are experienced within 1-2 minutes. The user can take additional doses as needed.

We also offer a 20 milligram dose size for users who have sufficient experience in their dosing requirement.

Why Do We Use Cartridges?

Unlike vape pens, powder cartridges provide pure, precise and carefully measured doses. There are no harmful ingredients as used in vape and smokable products.

Each capsule contains a carefully measured dose that you can count on.

Higher Potency

Nano encapsulated dry powder is much more potent than the equivalent amount of Delta 8 found in a tincture or an edible product. Expect at least 2-3 times greater effect, and a much faster onset of the experience.

Super Nano

We only use ultra-high-purity nano encapsulated Delta 8. Our powder is designed to meet the rigorous Pharma industry standards for pulmonary powder delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes FluxxLab Different?

FluxxLab is the world’s most potent and effective dry powder inhaler for Delta 8.

How does inhaling compare with vaping or smoking?

This product is better, safer and much more effective.

Is 5 mg of Delta 8 THC a micro-dose?

Despite containing only 5 mg of Delta 8 THC, this product delivers the effects of a much higher dose. Users may experience varying effects based on their tolerance and other factors. Users report that 5 mg of Delta 8 in this method is an ideal standard dose. 

Why does it make me cough?

It may take a little time to get used to breathing dry powder. Delta 8’s particles can induce a cough response. Regular use generally diminishes or even eliminates the urge to cough for most users. Most users report a very pleasant after experience.

Can I swallow the capsules?

For maximum effectiveness, our capsules are designed to be used with the inhaler, which ensures rapid, efficient absorption. It is also safe to swallow the capsules.  Swallowing the capsules will delay the effects by up to an hour and may be less intense.

What if 5 mg of Delta 8 THC isn’t strong enough?

A 5 milligram dose is very effective. Some users who have developed a tolerance for THC may find that they can tolerate an higher dose.  If after waiting 5-10 minutes the 5 milligram dose has not generated the desired effect, then additional doses may be appropriate.

Who Needs a 20 milligram Dose?

Experienced users may have a very high tolerance for THC.  For these users they can use multiple doses of the 5 milligram capsules.  Or if appropriate they may wish to use a 20 milligram capsule.

What are the ingredients?

The nano encapsulated powder is made from nano encapsulated Delta 8 and a completely safe and tested vegan, gluten free sugar. 
Results that Outperform any Other CBD You’ve Tried


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