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100 milligram Night Time Plus with CBN. This is the all-natural Night-Time tablet that won’t let you down. With a full 20 milligrams of CBN, this amazing gentle tablet is unlike anything that you have ever experienced.

CBN is the most recognized cannabinoid for night time use. Nothing compares to CBN for night-time benefits. Combined with Full-Spectrum CBDA, CBD, and selected terpenes this is our most effective and best night-time tablet. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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FluxxLab™ CBD Tablets With CBN

Nothing compares to FluxxLab™ Night-Time Plus with CBN. It is our most complete and effective night time formulation. Each tablet contains a large dose of CBN, nature’s most recognized night time cannabinoid. In addition, FluxxLab™ Night-Time Plus tablets with CBN are enriched with Full-Spectrum CBDA, CBD, and selected terpenes.

No other night-time formulation or tablet comes close. FluxxLab™ Night-Time Plus with CBN will quickly become your favorite night-time supplement.

Not only does FluxxLab™ Night-Time Plus with CBN give you the very best natural night-time dose of relaxation. FluxxLab™ Night-Time Plus with CBN also tops up your daily regimen of CBD’s. Keeping up with your proper daily dose to perfectly balances out your endocannabinoid system. CBN is complementary to the effects of CBD and other cannabinoids, our unique formula combines the perfect amount of each compound to deliver maximum benefits.

Twice A Day Is The Best Recommendation

Taking CBN with Melatonin at night is a good way to complete your daily routine. Taking FluxxLab™ Day-Time CBD tablets in the morning and during the day is a great way to support your endocannabinoid system. CBN with Melatonin is our most popular night time remedy.

Other Night Time Options

FluxxLab™ CBN with Melatonin is specially offered for night-time use, another good option for night time CBD is our very well-proven CBDA, CBD tablet without Melatonin, these tablets are a full 100mg and can be taken whole or broken in half for a 50 mg dose. This CBD tablet can be used at any time day or night. Remember, FluxxLab™ CBN with Melatonin is always there and ready to deliver the benefits of CBN with Melatonin.

If You Don’t Need CBN and Prefer Melatonin

Not everyone needs CBN. We also offer a night-time supplement without CBN. FluxxLab™ Night-Time CBD with Melatonin is very effective and economical. This tablet combines Full Spectrum CBD with Melatonin and is enhanced with terpenes and minor cannabinoids. FluxxLab™ CBD with Melatonin is widely respected in the industry and is a very popular night-time supplement.

FluxxLab™ Makes Your Choices Easy

Whether you choose FluxxLab™ with CBN, our daytime CBD formula, or our regular tablets without CBN,  you will be getting all of the benefits of the very best CBD there is. When you compare the delivered potency between different brands you will find that your FluxxLab™ tablets are the very best value. Remember, FluxxLab™ CBN + CBD Night-time Formula Plus is always there and ready to deliver the benefits of a sound night’s sleep.

What is CBN?

CBN is a natural cannabinoid that is formed when THCa is oxidized. It is widely thought to be a sleep aid. However, research seems to support that it is not CBN alone that contributes to treatment for insomnia but what is better described as the interaction between CBN, THCa, and selected terpenes working in combination. This is called an Entourage Effect.

You won’t find CBN in very many products and when you do there is no guarantee that it will be effective as a sleep aid. The reason for this is the difficulty involved in harvesting the CBN compound as an individual component.

FluxxLab™ Night-Time Plus with CBN is carefully formulated for the unique Entourage Effect.

What Is Full Effect?

Full effect is when you are getting the right amount of cannabinoids in your system. Most experts agree that the average user doesn’t get enough CBD to receive the full benefits that can be provided.

Full Effect is a combination of the number of milligrams, and the entourage interaction of the ingredients themselves. It is estimated that around 100 milligrams per day is a Full Effect level of CBD.

There is a problem however. Tinctures and softgels are oil-based and 80% of the CBD is lost in the digestive system. If you are using CBD tinctures or softgels, you will need to take as much as 500 milligrams per day to get the 100 milligrams you need.

That is why at FluxxLab™ we have developed better products that are more efficient. FluxxLab™ is the world’s leader in highly bioavailable CBD’s. FluxxLab™ tablets are highly efficient. FluxxLab™ tinctures and nanoemulsion tinctures are also highly bioavailable. For more information feel free to consult with your FluxxLab™ representative or dealer. You are also invited to call or email FluxxLab™ customer service. We are always happy to consult with you.

CBD Capsules Vs. Tablets

At FluxxLab™ we offer an excellent CBD Capsule that provides a good dose of CBD. FluxxLab™ CBD Softgels are economical and very popular.

For more potency and for better dosage efficiency, CBD tablets offer several advantages over capsules variations. First of all CBD tablets don’t melt if they are accidentally left on the dash of your car on a summer’s day! Perhaps more important is that tablets deliver more potency and better bioavailability than capsules or softgels.

At FluxxLab™ our CBD tablets are more easily digestible than capsules, which means that you get more for your money because the tablet delivers more of the milligrams than the capsule can. This is called improved bio-availability. CBD capsules are not as bioavailable as tablets. Bioavailability plays an important role in how much your body absorbs our Night-Time CBN formula.

FluxxLab™ Night-Time Plus with CBN tablets are rich in multiple CBD, CBDA, terpenes, melatonin, and selected ingredients. We fully believe our CBN Night-Time products will be the best you’ve ever had. If you’ve never tried a CBN product, starting with FluxxLab™ is a fantastic choice you will not regret.

Effects Of CBN With CBD

The effects of CBN are very well implemented in FluxxLab™ Night-Time Plus with CBN tablets.

FluxxLab™ Night-Time Plus with CBN tablets are carefully formulated to provide the benefits of what is known as an entourage effect where the interaction of CBN and the other cannabinoids work together. Our customers tell us they never knew what the entourage effect was until they tried our Night-Time Plus with CBN tablets.

CBN is thought to work best when it is combined with carefully selected cannabinoids and terpenes. At FluxxLab™ we provide you with a unique balance of CBN, CBDA, CBD, and specialized terpenes. You can look forward to an entourage effect specially designed for your nighttime needs. FluxxLab™ Night-Time Plus with CBN tablets are our best night-time tablet, we hope you agree.

Results that Outperform any Other CBD You’ve Tried

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  1. MArk

    Great product, I sleep great, but most importantly I wake up feeling ready to attack the day. I hit REM sleep every time with CBn!

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