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This ultra-pure Live CBDA Shatter is highly concentrated CBDA with a rich and full-bodied delivery. Certain to be more potent than any CBD you have ever experienced, this shatter will amaze you. This product being a “shatter” is made for a dabbing set up. Those with a dab rig or another means of vaporizing the shatter, this one’s for you. Achieve total purity, no exceptions.

It is the cleanest and most potent CBD that you will ever try, bar none. 100% pure hemp extracts, no fillers. Completely THC Free, just CBDA and CBD in these dab. You won’t miss the THC. Satisfaction always guaranteed.

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1 Gram THC-free CBDA Shatter

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Non GMO CBD 100% Pure CBD 100% Natural CBD

100% Percent Gluten Free CBD Lab Tested CBD

Farm Bill Compliant

Setting Benchmarks for CBD Potency
More Effective Than Any Other CBD Product

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FluxxLab™ CBDA Shatter

This ultra pure Live CBDA Shatter is a highly concentrated form of CBDA with a subtle hemp aroma. It is the cleanest and most potent CBD that you will ever experience. Shatter has a brittle texture that breaks apart like glass shattering, hence the name “Shatter.”  Completely THC Free, satisfaction always guaranteed.

What is CBDA shatter?

CBDA shatter is one of the many shapes CBDA concentrate comes in. Shatter refers to the texture given to this concentrate. It looks a little bit like glass shards, with a brittle texture.

How do I use CBDA shatter?

The most common way of consuming most concentrates is by dabbing it with the help of a dab rig. Just like any other concentrate, you will need a nail that will be heated. Then you put a tiny quantity of shatter on the nail and allow some time for the concentrate to vaporize, depending on how hot you’ve gotten the nail.

How much CBDA shatter should I use?

Our CBDA shatter comes in 1 gram packaging. You will only need a small quantity. It is extremely potent and concentrated.

Will I get high with CBDA shatter?

No. Our Shatter is completely THC-free.

Why should I use CBDA shatter?

Our shatter is very pure. It can be consumed as is, or it can be combined with other products. Many users will dab our shatter (or budder) as a way to smooth out the overall experience. Since FluxxLab™ Shatter and Budder are both THC Free, they provide the user with many options.

FluxxLab™ CBD concentrates are pure and do not contain any of the controversial additives found in many other dabbable products.

Dabbing vs. Vaping

Vaporizing your CBDA is the perfect process: it doesn’t create any smoke and combines purity with bioavailability. It’s true that some users will only consider vaping while others swear by their dab rig.

Dabbing has become popular among serious CBD enthusiasts. Very few concentrates meet the exacting standards, or reach a high enough level of quality, potency, and purity.

Vaping is an easier and less controversial way to experience CBD in an inhale able form. High-quality vape oil is hard to come by.

FluxxLab™ vape oil is pure and natural and does not contain any harmful dilutants. The same goes for our Shatter and Budder. Our products are just pure hemp extract and THC Free. Nothing else comes close!

Whether you dab or vape, FluxxLab™ has the right product for you. Our concentrates are painstakingly prepared to be both pure and satisfying. No fillers, no additives.

We guarantee you the best experience you will receive from any product.

Results that Outperform any Other CBD You’ve Tried

1 review for CBDA Shatter

  1. Brent Williams (verified owner)

    Unbelievably clean taste and super clear, this iis the best CBD shatter I have tried. The entourage effect comes on fast and lasts.

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